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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, October 06, 2003
From: capsule20mg
Pray For Aunto

bhai ({)
bhalo hoye ja
all ma prayers for u bhai ({)({)

===aunto is sick ...he is on hospital ...plz all help for him amar bhai ta bhalo hoye jak ===

abar kotha hobe dekha hobe bhalo hoye ayy then ...sobar bhalobasa tor jonno etto etto doya aunto

People Discussion
(Monday, October 06, 2003)

ashchojjyo kichuito janina ,ki hoyechilo auntor.
kemon ache ekhon ,deshe na bideshe.
poroborti khobor janaiyo.
oporisim dowa roilo.

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Sick??? ki hoyeche Auntor? kon hospitale ache? in the states? or BD?

Dearest Aunto hope you get well soon....onek onek dua roilo...


(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Aunto is feeling better than earlier. I would say all to keep on praying inshallah he will be allright soon. Thanks all.

Baul Mon
(Monday, October 06, 2003)

May almighty Allah be kind with him and help him to recover soon.

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

may Allah's blessing be with u, hope u get better soon.

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

I felt terrible while talking to him..Poor bhaia...I wish I could take care of you bhaia...
My doya is always with you..

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

get well soon buddy

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Allah jeno takey tara tari susto kore den ei kamona kori..

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Aunto...get well soon..May Allah be with u and bring u back to b2k as soon as possible..

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

get well soon.Insha allah.Ami dua kortesee.

Rony Salman
(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Pray that you get well and come around soon.

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

We, all here in B2k, pray and hope for the quick recovery of Aunto.

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

baio anno bala hoibam udo uida noa noa ferem huru horan
hope you get well soon

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

StranGe!!!...Bepar ta Jaante-O paarlam naah. aami 2 Rakat nofol namaz aadai korbo Auto Bhai-er Jonno {Jodi-O aami Namaz porte pari na}...
Hopezz Auto Bhai Joldi thik hoe B2k-te soon fire aashbe...aasha kori khub taratari-i Recovery-er news ta shunte paarbo Inshallah!!!......

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

May almighty Allah be kind with u and recover soon dear Aunto>>.

(Tuesday, October 07, 2003)

Tai naki..
Ai Jonnoe eto dekhi na kichudin dhore..
Allah Bless You..
Hope Everything will be OK..
We are waiting for your sooner recovery....

ontora ..
(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

MAy allah will be kind with fu bhaiya and help him to recover soon. will pray for u fu kore amon holo bhaiya .and insallah bhalo hoye jabe .hope see u soon in b2k.

(Wednesday, October 08, 2003)

Ki hoyese auntor> ami to kisui janina. please anybody knows about aunto please let me know on this bb board. Please... all the best for little bro..and wishing ur early recovery....

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