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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, September 04, 2000
From: khondaker
Born Free

Can we imagine a world without passport/visa/immigration/religion? Are we not imprisoned by these chains? Are these not the manifestations of our inhuman and animal instincts? Can we start a forum on 'people against passport/visa/immigration rules'. I have suffrered so much for carrying the wrong passport. I have been treted like a criminal in whichever country I went Just because I carried a green passport from B-----although I could genuinely prove that the purpose of my visit was not to be an illegal migrant. I wonder How many of you had the same feeling that we (humans) are really uncivilised.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, October 10, 2000)

Being born as a citizen of B---- is definitely not a sin. So-called adam beparies are responsible for this image of B----.Let's repair this first.

(Tuesday, October 10, 2000)

Many thanks for your comments. We really should start repairing job for our fututr generations.

Jahed Ahmed
(Thursday, October 19, 2000)

Yes, I understand your feelings as a fellow Bangladeshi but there are reasons too for our negative image outside the country & we ourselves also are partly responsible for this.Why can't we be recognized as an industrious,patriotic & progressive nation??Does it really cost a lot??Yes,it's also the foreign media that sometimes deliverately depict
us that way.But we ourselves too are not sincere to bring about a change in our characters particularly the politicians who could have played a crucial rule in providing us proper guidance themselves need the genuine guidance!!Nevertheless,I'd like to be optimistic.

(Saturday, October 21, 2000)

Thank Jahed. I just responded to your other post. I guess you may like them. You seem to click with my thoughts. My only desire is ti see a Bangldesh a country with substance.

(Thursday, January 11, 2001)

Thanks for bringing this topic up - I think there are more people than
I would like to think of who have gone through (or are still going through)
this stage sometimes in their lives - I know I have.

Surprisingly, although the Japanese are a highly nationalistic (that is just
a polite way of saying 'racist') race, I have never (in the last 5 years I have
been here) had a problem with my passport being green and all that. The
experience, however, has been quite different in other countries. Ranging
from Qatar, UAE, to UK, USA, to Singapore/Thailand, the experience was
generally the same - people starting to look down upon you as soon as you
present your green passport. The situation was the worst in UAE, and
Singapore. Despite being a business class passenger, as soon as I presented
my passport for check-in at the Singapore airport, they singled me out and
told me there would be a 'special check' of my passport by an 'expert' (and
they reassured me, that this was only a routine procedure, and was the same
for all passengers. Routine check - my foot ! Passengers from other countries,
who were white-skinned, completed check-in within minutes and left right under
my nose, while I waited for the expert to come and perform his/her duty). I
tried protesting, but to no avail - they were very calm, and didn't seem to
pay any heed (rather nonchalant behavior). The situation was more or less
the same at Dubai Airport - although the sense of being the citizen of a "third-class"
country (as graded by the UAE authorities, where even Japanese are "Second-class
cizizens") was much greater. Slavery has been banished for 100's of years, but
the legacy lives on, in the heart of our 'so-called' Muslim brothers.

All this may be bad enough for a person who firmly believes in the indomitable nature of
the 'Royal Bengals'. But what do you say when we get treated like garbage at our
very own doorstep. I don't know how many of you have 'mama' or 'chacha' ranked
high enough to enable a red-carpet good-bye (when leaving) or a warm and cosy welcome
(when arriving) at the ZIA Airport, but those of you who don't can't but agree that the
worst treatment for green-passport holders (and foreigners alike) is usually at home at
the ZIA Intl Airport. There have been too many incidents to keep count. I can just cite
the latest one before leaving Dhaka. Before I even got a chance to present my passport to
the immigration official, I was side-lined by three other similar-dressed 'official's who
wanted to inspect my passport. They tried all means in their power to prove that I was
holding a 'gola-kata' passport - but couldn't. At one point, I lost patience, and gave them
a big "jhari" ("er maane ki bhai, ami 21 bocchor dhore travel korchhee, ei dhoroner check
ei prothom dekhlam, etc. etc."). And miraculously, it worked. Jhari still works in Bangladesh
(probably the only other thing that works, besides 'money').

(Friday, January 19, 2001)

Many thanks Tuman. You are a sesoned and experienced Bangalee. Our so called Islamic brothers (includes Bangaless)treat us worst. You/I have experienced with our own eyes.

(Thursday, June 24, 2004)

Oh My God .. its so saad .......

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