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Sunday, September 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003
From: mask
what is sukh?

is there anyone who cosider himself/herself as a fully happy person? the answer should be "NO", even if someone happy today then there must be something waiting ahead which will make them unhappy. so lets hear from you people.
Story but fact
there was a man in a village, who was the most powerful man in the entire villege. he was not a nice man, he was a very rude, mean man. he used to give hard time to all the poor people. so everyone hated him. anyway, oneday he become ill and doctors said, there is only one medicine to cure his illess, and that is if anyone could manage a happy person's shirt for him! then his relatives thought oh its so easy thing to do!. so then started searching for happy person's shirt... they were knocking every door in the villege and asked them if they are happy.. not a single person said they were happy... then after searching a lot, finally he found a poor man and asked him if he is happy and he was the one n only person replied Yes i am happy! so they all asked him so give us one of your shirt and we will give you lots of money. however, he apologized to them and said, i am really sorry because i had only one shirt and before sometime i gave it to a poor old man who didnt have any shirt.

People Discussion
(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

emm manush tar kunoo porjayee sukhe noy setai taal gaser uporey hok ba village ei hok r rajprasadey hok....why??? no 1 knows..what is happiness...doesnt it cary between individual....what would make u happy...will u really be happy after u get ya fulfil yr desire...No...cuz life aint perfect...happiness nejer kasheee..complete sukhee howaaa possible if only u except yr reality from the bottom of yr heart

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

3rd line instead of cary = vary
4th line istead of ya = to

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

mask nicee...Rini well said. We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

Yeah....I agree wid RINI di..
CoZ, no body can get all time happiness..

Ondhokar ar por Alo, atai circle...


(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

dukh er ulta jeita

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

I think the poster maybe confused with the definition of "shukh" (well of course otehrwise he/she wudnt ask it!). What I mean is the definition of happiness has nothing to do with time intervals. Happiness is a state of mind that typically results from actions such as achievement, satisfaction, admiration, being content with a situation etc. Because it is a state of mind and is dependent upon an individual's sitruation, time duration of it can vary greatly, so does the intensity of happiness. For example, somone maybe happy for 5 long years before a tragic incident but may not be feeling happy for every single hour of those 5 years. So happiness is probably an overall positive result for a longer period of time than temporary emotions that builds up to it.

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

ima gave one good example. But there are many instances where ppl are indeed happy after they have achieved something. For example a family living in serious poverty tend to be in a much happier mental state when a family member gets a job and their overall living condition improves. This is materialistic but it is the reality billions of ppl in this world live in. It doesn't mean material gain is the key to happiness. But that "improvement" relative to one's current situation is a popular pre-cursor to one's happiness if their current condition forces them to be in sadness and pain.


(Monday, October 06, 2003)

"Happiness is knowing that somewhere there is someone who only cares for you, someone who will pick you up when you fall, someone who only knows you, who will hold you when you cry and embrace you when you smile; happiness is when you know that person is just for YOU."

(Sunday, December 21, 2003)

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