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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, October 04, 2003
From: ima
little song for...capsule20mg

1,2,3,4,5..once i caught a fish alive, 6,7,8,9,10 then i let it go again.. why did u let it go?? because it bit my finger so ...which finger did it bite this lil finger on my right.. *** magoo ki betha..

People Discussion
(Saturday, October 04, 2003)

er porer kahini sobai jane !!!

mago ki betha bolar pore
ima r hate betha holo
ima ek glass pani niye ekta pain killar capsule khelo
seitheke ami ima r pete :P

ei jonne ima amake bhulte pare na!!

ima n ami kotto kachakachi :D

ontora ..
(Saturday, October 04, 2003)

bekkol doctor capsul let me finish the story or song whatever it is acha.

ima one glass pani diye akhta pain killer capsule khelo
after that few mnts capsul ima r pet e chilo
ei jono ima olpo time er jonno capsul ke mone rakhe ai song gailo as they r koto kacha kachii chilo for a while
after that capsul digest hoye gelo and ima capsul ke vhule gelo and
ato por sukhe santi te bosobas korlo with misty apu ,feiry apu and lombu apu ke niye .
and sing a song for them .


(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

na na na
hoi nai hoi nai
golpo ta ulta keno korle ????

age tomader niye ima gan gaise pore amake niye gaise rite na ??

ima sotti kina bolo ??
then ??
tomar niye gan gaite gaite fish er kamor khelo then capsule khelo
then bhalo holo
amake niye gan likhlo

i m happy (H)

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

..mistiiiiiiiii apuuuuu....capsule.. ..aei bar amar pala..ami bolchi exactly ki hoyeche..ammu amake capsule dey nai..Antiseptic diye plaster lagiye diyechilo...but she did offer me to take some capsule..tai ami bhablam since capsule maje maje oneek kaaj ey lage..amader capsule bhai deserves a lil poem

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

p.s. and lived happily ever after with lombu apu, fiery apu, arr misty apu..

(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

wow ei ima ta etto cute kano ??

jak baba bacha gelo kintu
ami still alive !!

tumi amar bon der moto hao nai eita e sukher kotha :P

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Mamu (Cap) notun notun Singer a gola besh shundor...

(Monday, October 06, 2003)

Kire polapan chora lekha suru korlo dehi? bhala bhala!
khubbbb Bhala

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