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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, October 01, 2003
From: ima
hollow cave

This hollow cave, my freedom from toil, reverberate the tunes of my scantiness.
The converging walls, embalms me with their shivery shroud, confirming my emptiness.
The spine shudders to break free from paralysis,
The voice screams to break free from muteness,
The soul cries out in wails to break free from wholeness,
But my mere whimpers do not soothe them.

The hands of time plays aloud its constant beat.
Each tick and tock, a bang in my ears.
I seek refuge (from it) in worldly pursuits,
I seek refuge (from it) among others,
Alas, I seek refuge in His spirit.
Yet time and my beat within, are out of step.

The whirlwind of life awaits, yet before I set afoot I am hurled away.
The baton of hope is at hand, yet before I raise it I am beaten by it.
The light of love beams close by, yet before I bask in its warmth I am shut out cold.
The curse of birth among the privileged.
The plague of poverty among the fertile.
How vicious they all seem to be, awaiting my arrival with nauseating delight.

I yearn for Grace again………………
I plead to rest my weary self on her tender lap,
I plead for her soft fingertips, to caress these eyelids, drained from fixation.
Oh, how I thirst for Grace in love and affection.
Oh, how I ache for Grace in presence and touch.
But softness and adventure smacked by mockery and harshness.

Ah Grace……
her ever strong will, dented with my emptiness.
her ever lasting beauty, smeared with my ugliness.
her ever smiling appearance, muddled with my crookedness.
Ah Grace……….. how unfitting this story I face you with……………….
Oh Grace……...... how unwittingly I burnt your dreams to ashes………..


People Discussion
(Wednesday, October 01, 2003)

Ima the teacher , this is too hard for me...

(Wednesday, October 01, 2003)

AP bhai..thanks for taking the time to read. hmmm ektu o bujen nai.. oma ami etu koshto kore kobita ti likhlam . “Grace” is not a person it is my inner strength, do u can say that the poem is about my struggle with my inner self. if u want me to explain further let me know

ontora ..
(Wednesday, October 01, 2003)

ima atto sundor kore likho kemon kore .go go go ima .great posting dear

(Wednesday, October 01, 2003)

correction *so* not *do*

(Wednesday, October 01, 2003)

ontoraaaaaaaa sweetieeeeeee apuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... it is always good to hear from u.

(Thursday, October 02, 2003)

AP "bhai"? mora??? congratulations... tui BHAI zaati hoili kobe theika?

Nice one ima

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