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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, September 29, 2003
From: sarah
«..»ºº«..»§Love§ «..»ºº«..»

~~If you love someone~~

if you love someone because you think that he or she is really gorgeous~~then its not love-its "infatuation"--

if you love someone because you think that you should'nt leave him because others think that you should'nt--then its not love, its "compromise"--

if you love someone because you think that you cannot live without his touch--its not love, its "lust"--

if you love somoene because you have been kissed by him--then its not love, its "inferiority complex"--

if you love someone because you cannot leave him thinking that it would hurt his feelings--then its not love-its "charity"--

if you love someone because you share everything with him--then its not love--its "friendship"

but if you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable and you cry for him--thats "LOVE"--
if you get attracted to the person but stay with him without any regrets--thats "LOVE"--
if you let him go knowing that he has to go but he does'nt want to-- thats "LOVE"

People Discussion
(Monday, September 29, 2003)

ontora ..
(Monday, September 29, 2003)

KEMON achis re sweet heart .toke je ki miss kori ami god knows .

atto gani akhta fariend amar thanx god atto atto golpo stock hoye ache toke bolbar jono .ajke atto fast chole geli so bola holo na

abar tiem pale then asbo hope then bolbo

tor sobai ache kemon koto din toke jalaton kori na

bhalo thakis re .u r really some one special for me .loveeeee u ..............miss u..................

ai je tor proti amar bhalo basa ai tar explanation ki hobe re

(Monday, September 29, 2003)

LOVE manee Shondha rather Tara....jonaki pokar motho jhole abar nibe jawa...Love manee Priyer kotin chaoni ar sob kisuitei obimani obijug....Love mane Bari fhiree thala bashon maja...LOve mane ZARUR bari at Nijer Kople nije Tappor mara.

Eta jeneo Manush Love kore SARAMONI...


(Monday, September 29, 2003)


(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

- Love possibly involves shivering at someone's touch despite feeling that touch a thousand times before.
- Love possibly shows when in your prayer and your thoughts that special person is the one you think most.
- Love seems very alive when you forget place, time or common sense to please that special person.
- Love sets up residence in your heart when you care for that person more than you own life.

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

Well said Princess. Very good posting !!!! Take care

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

Lombu apuuu nice one

" We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. "

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

but if you feel the pain of the other person more than him even when he is stable and you cry for him--thats "LOVE"--.........................sarah apu posting ta khub sundor

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

..shobujj bhaia...and u r a classic example of that "love"..hahaha..
oriiiiiiiiiii janeeeeeemann ki korbo bol joto khani kom shomoi pari spend korbo online e ...bhujli but always got time for you dearrr!
ima.."u can know a man for a lifetime and not know him at all at the same time"..ppl are the most mysterious species ...u can percieve an imperfect as perfect but dont forget that there is no such thing as perfect..keep in mind that always..i didnt my lesson!
heyy choulssssss, thanks aryan and ashamoniiii!

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

i pointed out what love isnt and clus pointed out what love is..nice going clus

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

Dara Re Fantushhh, 12 years agge ektoo ddhuuu mere ashiii...sob kichu akhon tho r mone nei!

(Tuesday, September 30, 2003)

saradine ei aslaam ,kaaj etto bere geche ,bhalobasa mane porichonnyo bichanaay shuye ekta lomba ghum,
tobuo bolchi tomar likhate tottogyan royeche ,bhalo theko ,

(Friday, October 03, 2003)

This is really nice. But u find it from love n funpage theke right? i got one from free funpage smae this "If U love Some One"

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