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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2003
From: Sb
ima & Cluster bhai , B&B and Iraq

ami oti shadharon manush. USA, UK Iraq shommondhey amar khub beshi idea nai. But Daily newspaper ta khub bhalo kore pora hoy... ar.... 3/4 bar deen e CNN & BBC er khobor dekhi.

shei shutre r bb er postings dekhe amar jei khudro prosno jegeche..

Cluster bhaia....Quoting your post: "Tony Blair and MR idiot Bush are responsible for killing thousands of Iraqi people, yet the general public would perceive them as **normal** human being. " ... What you conveniently forget is over 70% of Americans favored going into Iraq. While the pretense may have been hyped up yb the White House, Bush DID NOT go against the people's will in attacking Iraq. That is "popular representaion"
NOT "serial killing". It is easy and fashionable to criticize world leaders but harder to actually the substance that you are criticizing about.

It`s not very easy to conveniently forget that over 70% of Americans
were in favour of going into work.

But what is even more difficult to forget is that about 70% of the propaganda about Iraq was hyped up by B & B gang.
And by the way whats the percentage now? how many of US and British people now think that thier countries were right in going to war? and how many think that
their goverments indeed did hype up the issues relating Iraq?

So was it really a "popular representaion" or "a representation achieved thru se-xed up documents and statements and facts" (?) (i thoutht facts maney shotto kotha.. mr B& B are makin me confused now a days)

One of the main reasons for going into war was the presence of WMD in Iraq
and which supposedly could strike enemy forces in a short notice [Source: BBC].

Where have all those WMDs gone? May be Saddam Hossain is hiding all those WMDs
with him or somehow converted them into miniature form and keepin in his back pocket :s

The most recent attempt (reoprt of which will be submitted soon), by the US appointed WMD inspectors, again failed to find any WMD. And very recently Mr. B was quoted by CNN
as saying that WMD wasnt one of the prime reasons to go for war!

Aint this contradiction a hypocrisy?

Another reason cited by his sceratary of state was the so called link between the then Iraqi leadership and Al-Qaeda. Again B & B has miserably failed to prove that link. And this time the other Mr B went on saying that 'We never said there was a link between the two leaderships, but there was a presence of Al-Qaeda in Iraqi soil.'

Wondeful turnovers of statements! one before the war and one after the war!

Very few people supported what was goin on in Iraq. But if B& B hadnt hyped up the issues,there would hv been even lesser no of people who wud hv supported to go for war (as indicated by popular polls recently).

Now eta ke ki bola uchet? Strategy or Hypocrisy?

USA even didnt bother about UN resolutions/support for going into war. Now after destroying all the basic structures (joto tukui-thakuk na keno), now Mr B is asking UN to contribute to re-strutcure Iraq!

UNGA te dewa most B er dewa recent speech was analyzed by most analysts as "a simple statement from mr B, either u contribute in structuring Iraq, or u r on the terrorists side"

eta amar analysis na. Some renowned US and world analysts der view.

Aint that Hypocrisy?

People Discussion
(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

most B = mr B*

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

Sb well said, could not have put it better myself thank u ..apnar msg pore oneek enjoy korlam

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

Oray shorbonash!! Oshadharon shukkho chinta!! Sb vaii, apni potrikai lekha shuru koren ( IF u're already not writing )
really it was a quality write up! Would love to see some more of them in the near future!


ontora ..
(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

tui kobe theke atto sundor kore posting kora suru korli re ya .take care .

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

hehe... thanx miss Ema and boyati bhai (ami to arektu hoile balloon er moto fuilta jaitasilam )

Well i am sure there are points which we can debate on.. and i would like to see any such comments / opinions

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

* and Onto apu

ontora ..
(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

vhul kore bhalo bolefellam ami poor me .amar sorir bhalo to ki jani dekhi doctor er kache jete hobe na hole tor moto bekub re bhalo bollam ken

ar boyati and ima atto bhalo bolbar kichu nai sumo to amar cousine hoi so ami jani se iha nije likheche vebona copy and paste .nokol er bapare sumo akhta (sb)birol protiva)

(Monday, September 29, 2003)

Thats what happenes Mora U see when u get maaa touch, u become so esmartt!!!!

(Monday, September 29, 2003)

touch me... feel me

Mr B, atleast stay away from this !

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