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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, September 27, 2003
From: ima
Cluster11/Ontora apu/Boyati/Arospo/Dhuto

shobai ke salam. Dhuto i am sorry for posting the msg 3 times, very new at this.. . shobaike oneek oneek dhonnobad for taking the time to read my msg. Ontora apu I am also like u, love to read . Apu u wanted to know about me ..well temon kichu bolar nai beside the fact i am a humble student of economics and live in UK. Boyati, i am sorry that i was not able to express myself well enough ...for u to understand my points , but hey u did understand a lil so i am happy with that Ap bhai ..ur friend stood u up ahaaa re bechara ki arr kora ki ar ache bhai ..kheta arr balish chara.

Cluster thank u for your insightful response, you r right Bush did go to war
with popular representation. however the 70% of the people who were in favour of the war, how were they convinced that IRAQ had weapons of mass destruction? What tools did the Government use to indicate an eminent threat?? Currently in the UK we are seeing evidence of how the dossiers were manipulated to convince the people as well as the govt bodies of the need to go to war. From the beginning their justification for going to war has been rather blared. anyway i was using them merely as an eg to explain my extract.

Very true, is it always easy to criticise the leaders, however i did emphasise the fact we ourselves are also responsible and should be held accountable for our decisions. I think it was Dalai Lama who once said **if we ourselves remain always angry and then sing world peace, it has little meaning. So first our individual self must learn peace, this we can practice. Then we can teach the rest of the world.**
with that note i shall end this , i think ppl might be getting a bit annoyed with my long msgs. bhalo thakben shobai

People Discussion
(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

shobi thik ase.. kintu majhe majhe ektu halka patla posting o dio. shob shomoi airokom kothin topics dekhle matha ta ghuira jai ektu

ontora ..
(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

THANX ima .nice to meet u dear .economics wow its really good one right .yeap i love reading and nice to hear that u also .take care dear and ai type posting aro koro .and wa/saam to u .onek basi bhalo theko .all the best for u .

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

ima ei bar ekta gaan gao...

(Saturday, September 27, 2003)

..nah nice going..thumbs up! ..and i m sure cluss will have something to say on this account as well!

(Sunday, September 28, 2003)

shobai ke salam. Dhuto i am sorry for posting the msg 3 times, very new at this.. . shobaike oneek oneek dhonnobad for taking the time to read my msg

>>. Hmm Gooodddd, Goooddddd...Abar Prothom a e amar name,. How is ur life other there..?
Wish u all the beSt..& Keep searching the Good thingS from here..
We are alwayS for that....

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