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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 25, 2003
From: PagolMon
vhalobasha kare koi?

Tumar vhalobasha amar jibon
Tumar vhalobasha amar shathi
Tumar vhalobasha amar poth chola
Tumar vhalobasha amar adhar ghoorer aloo
Tumar vhalobasha amar shukh
Tumar vhalobasha amar bedona
Tumar vhalobasha amar......
Tumi shudhu amar shudhui amar
Tumi adhar,Tumi alo
Tumi annodho,tumi dukhoo
Tumi tumi tumi
Amar vhalobasha!!
vhalobasha amar jibon
vhalobasha amar moron
vhalobasha amar aakash
vhalobasha amar jothsnaa
vhalobasha amar joonaki
vhalobasha amar baganer goolap
vhalobasha vhalobasha
Boloto shokhi vhalobasha kare koi?
Tumi je amar,amar anamika
Tumar shiyai thaki
Tumar poroshe hoi dhoono
Tumi ammi,ami tumi
Eki bijliir jholkani
Tumar bootomanee ami raja
Tumar abootomanee ami shunno
Tumi thako jotokhon ei shorire thake praan
Jani na hridoy amar pabe khokhon tumar Chowa
Fere aasho tumi ............
Amari bhoboneeeee

People Discussion
(Sunday, October 05, 2003)

Love is feelings ....

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