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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2003
From: VanityPress
Hot of the Press , for Sabrina

Disappointed...! I really am. Even with your earnest effort, you failed to capture or conjure up my true feelings. So, here I am, totally uninhibited, giving you a glimpse of my encounter with the serendipity.

..."I'm so excited...I just can't hide it....I don't wanna lose control, but I like it..." It was almost like that. I was elated and erupted with song and dancing as the confluence of feelings and emotions suddenly eclipsed my sense and sensibiliy. The ephemeral euphoria seemed like an eternity. Not sure, whether I was inhibited or uninhibited. Couldn't really remember, whether it was a martini on the rock or I was sitting on the rock or I was rocking. It felt as if though, I was floating away flapping my gossamer wings. An evanescent ascent toward the heaven, though, I kept reaching higher and higher, only to realize that I had something stronger this time around, just wonder what it really was.
As for HAHA, I think he stole some of mine. The affect on him is much stronger than me. So, he is gliding away somewhere up there, even the Fly can't catch him. It could be a while before he comes down to the earth. But, then again, once you are up there, who wants to come back down. It's an addiction hard to cure. But, I'm sure he will be back.

My summer... let's talk about it some other time, shall we?

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