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Wednesday, June 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Monday, September 22, 2003
From: boyati
Reply to Mukul's msg for me and Laizu

Dear Mukul vai... I really appreciate ur attempt to write ur msg in English. Though it was full of errors, yet it's a good practice!! keep it up!!
You think that i was trying to be hero by putting statement against u in B2K??? That was funny indeed!! vaijan... Hero hoitay hoilay to FDC tay jaitam, B2K tay aisha shobar shathe view exchange kortam kan?? Tachhara ami to apnaray uddeshsho koira kichu koii naii. Ami shob polapan er kotha e koisi (which includes me obviously). Tachhara Laizu apnar shathe kotha bolbe ki na bolbe eta to tar personal bepar. It's not necessary that every girl will love to talk with you or anyone. So, apni vaii keno j amar kotha tay eto offended feel korlen, ami to kichuii bujhlam na. Amar vaii hero howar kono shokh naii. Aikhane shobaii msg post koray nijer drishtivongi shobar shathe share korar jonno. To tatay keu jodi nijay nijay e offended feel koray to kar ki bolar asay bolen?? Ami meye der kano respect kori sheta ami amar arekta post a khub clearly bolsi. So, meye der shomman kori bolay keu jodi vabay j ami meye de shathe khatir korar jonno ba hero howar jonno ta kori, I don't give a damn about it. Ami ja kichu e kori na kano, meye der drishti akorshon er jonno ai jatio kotha tuli na j "shob meye ra ki akrokom naki, demag dekhai naki bla bla bla"
Ami vaii boyati manush. vodrota shovvota kom bujhi, tobu B2K er manush gula re khub decent and friendly monay hoisay, taii apnar msg er reply ta khub vodro vashai e dilam And B2K er baki shobar kache amar onurodh, amar ai posting ta jodi karo kache offensive monay hoi to nij gunay khoma koira diyen vaii. I don't have any intention to spoil such a kool and entertaining bulletin system of B2K.

Thanks to all. (Special thanks to Mukul vaii )


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