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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2003
From: AanikA
Shybal Rahman

Wht exactly meaning for Birthday? Some ppl thought brithday mean celebrating...but I think birthday remind us dat day when we came in this was waiting..every person was excited...So thats why specially our birthday we should thank Allah who send us in this world and our parents without them we wouldnt be here.

Shybal I know tomorrow is ur b-day.Asmuch as i know u 2morrow u'll turn off ur cell n u dont want to come 2 net...dont like to contact with aybody...seems like u want to harbonate...n dats why i send this msg 1 day be4
now as ur good frd(dont know if u think the same) I would like to say plz dont turn ur cell off,if some one like to wish u ,let them do that...some ppl who really care about u,they feel good when they can share with u a special moment...n plz call bd n talk with ur parents....
" chole jeyo prokitir kacchakacchi...anubhob koro,eto sundor prithibite aee dintite tumi aseccho...bujte parbe aee dintir sarthokota"

Ku tt a

People Discussion
(Sunday, September 21, 2003)

Aanika...r karo call accept na korleo amar call dhorben...nahole unare Lau deye ikka marum

(Sunday, September 21, 2003)

si si si AnikA afa eida afno kita koilon annoki shybalor kutta halonni ahi heto afnoroo kuttadi loirasilo ar heirloi afno har birthdayto kutta gifto korlon

(Sunday, September 21, 2003)

ara mora kew toar birthodayto jaibomna jodi mogore kutta dio kamor gilao toi iblish shybal mui mor banga AK47 ar jongdora da loi pahara dibam jato guestder toar pagla kutta kamraibar no faro

(Monday, September 22, 2003)

ami shybal bhaike cabbage upohar dila
(10 bosta cabbage) bibi baccha niya khaw

(Monday, September 22, 2003)

ami zodi bul na kore thaki jotodur jani shybalar birthday 23rd september

(Monday, September 22, 2003)

u r rite....shybaler birthday 23rd september....aj bd te 23rd ar ami kaal lekhata post korecchilam...shybal nature jani bole...

Souls dekho tomar lau diye ikka marar chance tumi pao

tumi khub moja kore kotha bolo...bhalo besh bhalo.....ku tta bolata shybaler ekta priyo bishoi...tai ar ki...shybal ja nijeke show kore ta se moteo noi...taar sathe jara ph a kotha bolecche tara jane kotota chomotkar manush....just didha donde thake ektu beshi....

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