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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2003
From: Sabrina
Re: Hey fklos!

Hahaha Konka!! Thank gawwd ur baby turned up like one of her "virtual" aunties ... not like one of the "uncles"... phew!!! that wud have been a disaster ... well just keep her away from Tongz's postings ... don't want the lil one to get corrupted so early. Ami bhalo chilum... bhalo achi ... u still in London? Maybe u,sweetz and moi shud have a gals night out with tongz baby sittin .....NOT!!

Sweetz!! Maybe u shud offer the spandex to vanity ... last time I remember he was in dire need of one since he traded his own with the wind!

Sb ... i miss u tooo ... saw u on tv ... hehe!!

Tongzzz!! Here i go pouring out my most sensitive, deepest thoughts and the yearning, unencumbered by strewn feelings, that tingles the edges, calms the
palpitations, and inserts itself into my very own consciousness, a bibliotheque
of all things imaginary and real, unreal, surreal and fictional, but perhaps
transcending all these categories and self creating one unto its own, a
bookshelf all to itself, a catalogue of Monet colours and Dali logic spliced and
pasted within the fragile covers, arresting images, hints of a reality that may
never escape the cosy imaginings of my restless mind... and u call me a Kiddo!!! Thanks a lot!!

Opsora: I am doin' great ... just been so bz lately ... no time to chill at b2k these days ...but one of these days i'll just drop by and pounceon u guys :)

Take care y'all :)

People Discussion
(Thursday, September 18, 2003)

Ahhh Aaina she's an angel dont u think Sabz.... yeah i think i should offer it to vanity..hahah well Tongz bhaia is not getting ahahammmmmmmm younger.......and ei age a spendex porle ki je hobe as for sbb he does'nt miss ya Sabs he misses being around u cz been around u means dat he can get to hang around wid a beautiful girl cz u know he hangs around wid all the wrong sorts love ya lots re brattuss...Sabz keep up wid the postings nice to hear from u.. yeah it would be nice if all we london girlz got together..

(Thursday, September 18, 2003)

well!...well!...well! Look who is back! Just can't help it to wonder what might be the occasion. Could it be the besiege of boredom or the repine for retorts? Though, I prefer to think, it must be hurricane season. Duck and cover, that's my mantra for this time of the year, besides, my PRO is not around. But, whatever the reason, good to see you around.

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