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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, September 15, 2003
From: ~*dushtu*~
~*Happy Birthday to Cute hati*~

aaj ke amer hati friend er Happy birthday.. 6 years purno holo .and i am inviting all of you... tomra shobai party te ashte welcome...Image Code: 09-016 aar tomader shobar theke doa chacchee amer hati friend jeno sharajibon amoni shundor aar sobol thakte pare aar dance korte pare

cute hati
13259 dream land ave.
7th heaven

ok so i will see you all there! Image Code: 09-016

People Discussion
(Monday, September 15, 2003)

dushtu sis is ma golu bhaia invited???..if so ami kono dawat peyechi na .....

(Monday, September 15, 2003)

all be best for ur hati friend dhustumoni....take care

(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

***H-A-P-P-Y ***B*I*R*T*H ***D-A-Y***

to HATI...Cute Hati.....

ta Dushtu di, amar Nouka ta niye ashte parbo to...Image Code: 16-001 party te.......

r Nouka take ki diye shajiye dibe , abar bolo....?

(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

dusthu buaaa
amare tomar hatir vaccha dile na keno
churai korte asum keyaa

(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

aber ~o haty shay hatir aber happy birthday

(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

anu apu, ha tomal golu bhaiya aal ki amer golu fliend o inviteeeeeeddd.. atta? aar tumio ashte ekhono shesh hoini aaj keo cholbeee... chole asho...

(Tuesday, September 16, 2003)

aryan da,
thanks..tumi khub bhalo Image Code: 09-016
cross da,
tumi tomar nouka niye ashte paro aar ami khub shundor kore shajiye dibo dont worry..come on bro, i am little artist u know
harun da,
amer hatir boyosh matro 6 yrs holo ar tumi ekhoni kina baccha baccha shuru korecchoo!
aragon bhai,
tumi amer hati ke amon kore bolte parleee!! parleeeee!! Image Code: 09-016

(Wednesday, September 17, 2003)

happy birthday Hati AND hope u and dushtu r frendz 4 ever!

(Wednesday, September 17, 2003)

thanksssssssssssssss londonyapi!!! Image Code: 09-016

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