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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, September 05, 2003
From: sarah
...your inspiration...

hey all,
Lets face some point of our lives..we have been inspired ..emotionally moved by certain people in our lives. Some have insipred to the level where you actually change, while others helped you move on. Some become your role model, while some becomes your gurdian angel..whose memories, thoughts guide you through the life..lets find out today how you all felt inspired by certain people in your life and how they made a difference

~As for me i would say my father has always inspired me, although he is unware of it hehehe, but i look at where he is today and i imagine, how he made it possible, how miracles can happen, how we should always try try and try and how we shouldnt loose faith.
~MY friends have inspired me to be the person i am today..they have guided me through ups and downs and their personalities have defined me to be what they are....and enough about me..there are a lot more..just filtering out a few ones..lets hear yours now....

People Discussion
(Friday, September 05, 2003)

showbhaggeyer debota amay bhulei giyeche kobe,,,,,

hoito jodi jonom abaro, onnyo kono bhobe,,,,

swadher dhoroni ,swadh kore ami asini tobo buke,,,,

aaj keno klanto how tumi,hisab chuke chuke,,,,

mrittyo diyei shudhiye debo jonomer joto riin,,,

bujei niyechi asbena fire sofolotar sonali din,,,,

(Friday, September 05, 2003)

exactly the attitude to have towards life sis remember never change ur self for no one im sure u know dat

(Saturday, September 06, 2003)

the meanig of this poem is that i dont have any inspiration.

(Saturday, September 06, 2003)

My Inspirations are the two men in my life...One is my Greattttt Papa and the other is??

(Saturday, September 06, 2003)

and the other one is ami.. tai na mora?

ontora ..
(Sunday, September 07, 2003)

abbu and abbu and abbu then mamoni ,dadu ,bhaiya relatives and friedns .in this respect i,m really lucky enough i got such wonderful persons they all really love me a lot and inspired me to be person i ,m today .thanx all for being so wonderful and special person of mine

(Monday, September 08, 2003)

looks like not many people are inspired opsi pu..arek jon ke?? ..oli bhaia u certainly have been poets of today and yesterday....consciously ..unconsciously ..u have been provoked by dont feel left out

(Monday, September 08, 2003)

I have been inspired by lot of ppl....once i was inspired by u...i still remember dat...u r a great inspiration....boltu

(Monday, September 08, 2003)

oh my god reallyyyyyy????? ..oi tui can u stay away from your once a upon a time inspiration??? ..ashish na keno online e laddu??

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