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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, September 03, 2003
From: Quiescence
aim of love

love is a gamble ..
sex is a game. .
Boys do the action ..
Girls get blame ..
One night of pleasure ..
Nine month of pain ..
One day in hospital ..
Junior needs a name..


People Discussion
(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

never kiss a boy, who's eyes r blue
u kiss one, n they ask for two
never kiss a boy, who's eyes r brown
u kiss them, they let u down
never kiss a boy,who's eyes r black
u kiss them n they'll never come back!!!!!!!!!

moral of da story: kiss a boy who has green(romantic) eyes

(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

-koli- jee.. when will u chk whether the guy is wearin a green contact lens..

before kissing or after kissing ??

(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

Nij rup nij theke jono-sommukhe prokash korbar jonno tomake dhonnobad "megh" Bolte hobe ccheler sahosh abong bichar bhalo

(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

Megh bhai..

(Wednesday, September 03, 2003)

eita kono poem holo?

amar akta pukur chilo
pukur a onek pani chilo
shei pukur a mora mach pauwa jeto

parle ei type er kobita likhen

(Thursday, September 04, 2003)

jono shommuk hok ar nirjon hok.. never gave a hell yeah..tumi ki aamake kokhono dekhecho onno nick niye ulta palta bolte.. aami ja boli shamna shamni bole thaki.. if u know me i think u shud have known that too anyways..

hmm shimmy ammu tumi poem ta puro korle na keno.. lemme finish it ok..

amar akta pukur chilo
pukur a onek pani chilo
shei pukur a mora mach pauwa jeto
shei mach shimer bichi diye ranna kore shimy khelo
kheye pete betha holo
porer purota din bathroom ei katalo

(Thursday, September 04, 2003)

quiescence bajan...ami je shimer bichi diya ranna korlam...tumi eida janla kempte? shotti kotha bollei tumi tokhon amar pashe ranna ta tumi o kheyechile

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