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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, August 29, 2003
From: BB_Admin
A direct link to Aaina's contest photo... :) please rate it... :)

Please click on the following direct link to Aaina's photo at and rate it:
The quickest link to Aaina's Photo

People Discussion
(Friday, August 29, 2003)

bokun mama bhalo korchenImage Code: 08-008 phinally apni khaj er kichu korte parchen abdul mama oii raag korba na ok dhong korechi.thx for the easy link......ami god know kotto bar vote korechi but status same

(Saturday, August 30, 2003)

yap anu sis...status same..:(:(

(Saturday, August 30, 2003)

shob gulai to cuty puty ....but Aaina ...u little doll the best !

(Sunday, August 31, 2003)

10 er rating ta dekhelei bojha jai aina vagni is the best...

ontora ..
(Tuesday, September 02, 2003)

she is simply the best konka api take care korbar moto aainar jono kauke khujle amake bolo plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i will love that lest i can hold her .plz plz .she needs khalm right .i can do whatever she needs plzzzzzz.
miss u r buri cute cute doll looking aaina .r atto cute hobe na ken dekhte hobe na ken amar aaina to tai na lots of love for u buri amar

ontora ..
(Tuesday, September 02, 2003)


ontora ..
(Tuesday, September 02, 2003)

kotokon dhore je vote dilam re aaina tor jonno amar akhdom dorjo nai ajke recor korlam tor jono cliking and cliking at last finish it .a to kichu na tor jonno aro kosto korte parbo re busi amar cutie akhta konka apii abar vebo plz debe naki amake but mone hoi fight korte hobe ar jono anuapi r sathe don,t worry buri i can do so only for u

ontora ..
(Tuesday, September 02, 2003)

anuapii agreed amar sathe share er jonno aainar take care niye so sweet re tumi anuiapi

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