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Saturday, December 15, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, August 29, 2003
From: capsule20mg
--==suvokamona ...digonto choya suvecha ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ora ==--

ei done mone pore onno sob dinecheye o eto beshi kano ...

ei diner prothom surjalok tomake chuye jak ..kore diye jak anmona ...lots of wish ....
many many happy returns of the day !!!!


lemme say

People Discussion
(Friday, August 29, 2003)

Image Code: 05-010happy birth day to ontora Image Code: 05-010

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

So Cute!

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

Happy Birthday To U ontora!!!!

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo uuuuuuuu

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

aare ami to nah janei happy birthday bollam!! amaaalllllllll ontolaaaaaaaaaa apur birthdayyyyyy!! happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyy toooooooooooooo uuuuuuu Ontolaaaaaa apuuuuuuuuuuuu Image Code: 09-016

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

happy birthday......ontora.....

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

Image Code: 05-010Happy Birthday To You Ontora Dear Image Code: 05-010
Many Many Happy Retuens Of The Day
Image Code: 05-025puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Buaaaaaaaaaa

(Friday, August 29, 2003)

Chader Burii....Chorka Katish...
Rani tui, Shopne Hatish...
Tui Khujish Chader Alo...
Chand j tor nijer Alo..

Shubho Jonmo Din..adorer Bon amar...

ontora ..
(Saturday, August 30, 2003)

dear tupul ai b2k er chat room er first friend chile tumi jokon kauke chintam na then also tumi chile behind me and now koto bhalobasar ppl der ke jani akhon they r too loving ,but still u r behind me . i know when i need u u r there and when i don,t u also there for me . i ,m dumn lucky that i got a friend like u .onek jonmer vagotte amon bhalo friend paoya jai .onek kichu bolte iche kroech ebut ami jani likhbar dorkar nai what i wanna say u already know that .thanx for such a wonderful loving caring freidn of mine , and thanx god also .i can,t express my fleeings about u ..................................lots of love and wishes for u ma friend .

ontora ..
(Saturday, August 30, 2003)

thanx OPSORA apii i love ur kidding fun and love u a lot re api and respect u a lot also . IVY tui nodir picture er akis na re abar amar akhta picture ak bose ,thanx re ee so sweet of u ,.DUSTHU thanx re so cute and thanx once again amar cutie sis for the hatti i know how much u love that hatti now i feel u love me more than hattiii right dushtu .laizu apii thanx a lot for the wish re apii .harun bhaiya and bhaiya thanx once again so sweettttttttttt reeeeeee bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa,THANX u all for being so special person of mine.

(Saturday, August 30, 2003)

Ontora Dear....Many Many Happy returns of the Day,,,wish u all the best yr to come

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