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Monday, July 23, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2003
From: keui-noy
~~~!!!!!~~~ Say itttttttttt best.......... ~~~!!!!!~~~

It's amazin' how yaa can speak right to my heart without sayin' a word nn yaa can light up the dark as I could never explain
what I hear when yaaa don't say a thin'.............

smile on urrrr face lets me know that yaa need me nn there's a truth in urrr eyes sayin' yaa 'll never leave me nnn the touch of ur hand says yaa 'll catch me if ever I fall(belive yaa say it best when say nothin' at all)

day lon' I can hear people talkin' out loud.........uhhhh!!!!!!! but when yaa hold me near, drown out the croooowd nnn try as they may they can neveeer define.....what's been said between urrrr heart nnn mineeeeeeeeeee......rrrrrrr
the touch of ur hand says yaaa 'll catch me if ever I fall!!!!!!!!!!

(soooo, say it best when yaaa say nothin' at all............)

kintu --------------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

la la la la la la nice lyrics la la la la la i am not going to catch if you ever fall la la la la la la
just fun korlam sundor subject say it best

(Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

Song: title ta bhule gechi:P
SInger: ronan keating
feature: movie based song of "noting hill" starring Huge grant and Julia roberts...hehe indeed u say it best:P

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