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Monday, July 16, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, August 26, 2003
From: keui-noy
~~~***~~~ Break Me............~~~***~~~

'll meet yaaa the place where the light lends itself to soft repose nn 'll let ya undress mee(seii moddhoraat-e prokriti-ke witness kore bilin hoye jawa ------)

ifff yaa could recollect yesterday with me just ever for a while, I would say goodbye nn kiss yaa nnn even might see a smile!!!!!but then I fully realized that this could never be for emptiness nn memories would take the place of.........when yaa walked through the dream gates, I knew that yaa would feel so much at home(lookin' at the window)

when dream looked down nn smiled at yaa from it's great golden throne. it said, "this is eternity nn all I 've promised yaa today for a life on earth is past but here it starts again nnn promise no tomorrow but today 'll always last nnn since each days the same day there is no longin' for the past"............

(iffff tomorrow starts without me don't think we rrr very far apart for every time I think of yaa, yaaa rrr right here in my heart.......)

soooo break me take me, just lemme feel urr arms nn 'll let ya make me ------------........nnn then 'm gonna feel urrr love!!!!!!!!

kintu ---------------------------------------------------------

People Discussion
(Tuesday, August 26, 2003)

Ahan shyal bhi hat pao bainga bostai boira panite dubaia dei

(Tuesday, August 26, 2003)

maj rate shopner dar khule ami fire jai shei dur paharer dare.kono ak krisnocurar chayai ami bhabi amar araler shei tomake.nijhum rate jiboner kono ak opor prante boshe tomar bhalolaga amar buke niye fire jete chai shei jogote
amar kisu prio line

(Tuesday, August 26, 2003)

ja chay ta payna ja pay ta chay na

(Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

Have control yourself dear

(Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

A kon jomanai ailam Idiot bala kotha koi
Baje nike bala speech ar shybal bhir bala nike bad speech

(Wednesday, August 27, 2003)

he needs to do sex......................................he's passing bad time.

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