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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2001
From: shybal
sorry to caused ya a great pain, megh

i was out of my location n kinda busy to packin' my stuffs(as well as shoppin') n u know why, megh. i had to leave to join the conversation, though. i'm in "Narito AirPort" now..... they r takin' fuel n cleanin' inside the craft. the first thin' i did......go to the internet n check the bulletin board. i'm happy to seeee that stick has been changed a bit. thanks!!!!!!!!!.......ami sorry bolshi......megh(one of the best friend i 've ever had) n rest of my fellow wishers. i wasn't intend to hurt u all. especially, meghhh n i know ur feelings abt me n.........u know whom i mean......

on the other hand, i logged on several times in b2k n couldn't get u(just for my shitty luck)!!!!! everytime, i was in there saw disconnected, megh. i talked to shifta apu n liton vhai.....the great pain u 've had for me. i had seen ur silent n felt the same pain u sufferin'(till now). unfortunatelly, i didn't 've that chance to express myself to u. even i couldn't get the way to say u "bye".....the time bein' of my departure(tui bissash korbi kina jani na..i felt real bad). however, i logged on here(b2k) at the eleventh hour just to get u, megh. once again(sorry), if i had caused a great pain for ya, friend(megh) n don't get me wron', pleaseeeeeeee

indeed, the word i need to add with my statement.......'m just tryin' to ignore them intentionally. that word should be.......... (stick)!!!!!

"Reality bites, pain oooooozes
life is not beautiful"

**** 'll arrive at Texas 11:07pm(jodi kuno samossa na hoi)....its abt 21 more hours!!!!!! till then so lon' friends n seeeee ya aroundddddddd.... bhalo thakish, megh ****

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 13, 2001)

its ok man. but all i want its just to be like before. say whenever jui comes. fix it up with her. and be like before. we come here for having a good time. if its not happening then its dissapointing. so, make it with jui. i wanna be see like before.

(Wednesday, June 13, 2001)

unless, i wont talk with any of u

(Saturday, June 16, 2001)

(Saturday, June 16, 2001)

ohhhhh noooooooo!!!

(Sunday, June 17, 2001)

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