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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003
From: saint_martin
~~~Some thing for Some One~~~

(1) Mormo-Mul Choye Jai Purano Sei Gaan,
Hotat Jeno Jholse Utey Ghopon Obiman;
Pother Dhare Jokon Phute Ochena Phul
Hoito Take Chintey Ajo Temoni Kori Vhul;
Mormo-Mul Choye Jai Harano Sei Mukh,
Sriti aar Shopney Tai Kapse Amar Vuk ..

Youurs is an everyday kind of love...
It's the morning sun
Lookin in to say hello,
a quick perk me up
like coffee in a cup
makin me all set
to face the world.
And when the usual upsets happen
and I feel a little smaller,
your love's right there
making me walk a little taller
and I Thank God
for your everyday kind of love !

People Discussion
ei_ami **
(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

nice ! eto Bhab manush kibhabe lukay rakhe ta jantam nah ! You are Great! Man !

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

move on saint it wasnt yr fault.....yr at the wrong plave at the wrong time

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

thukku place* hobe 5th last word

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