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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2001
From: placenta
~*what to say*~

Since it started.. that chicken fight between some candy kids. I wanted to stay back from that coz there r some assholes I care. Still do anyway..

Well, there is some problem with shybal coz he is a nutty ass. But what to do?? Everyone has some bad part. Its been a huge time to make that shit my friend.. and that peanut Jui's (now konka, pore aabar kun naam nibe thik nai) little brother. Since they both getting close to me. its been a great pleasure. Now the point is, from that time their lame excusing fight has begun I wanted to keep myself quite from this crap. Coz if I say something to anyone of them by hurting another one. It will sound so pity. So, I decided not to get myself in. let me come to this point later on. First lets go to rifat and shagor ( that creep who ws always been dragging his tongue towards females) matter. Well, I said something to her posting of rifat coz she had done a hell of a job by teaching something to shagor (though it doesn't make any effect to that alligator skin). That makes somehow his low character a little bit more lower. Well, jui said to me I didn't say anything to rifat coz she thinks she made jui down somehow. Well, rifat as a person is a little short-headed nice hunky. She mentioned ur name and mayabotis name coz u 2 say poems.. poetries here. So, that sounds lovely. What she cant does coz she doesn't know how to be easy towards people though may be. And plus she has a wrong impression about net peeps somehow.. so she will be conveyed by nature soon for that.

Now come to the shybal and jui's fight. It ws a hellish pain for me to see my 2 people who belong to me were fighting. I didn't say a thing to any of them coz that for sore someone wd get hurt. And I didn't want this. But my fucking destiny is I got pissed off for doing nothing. Now jui has said that I don't fit in her anymore. Well, how cd it ever be possible for us konki darling.. since u r 5-1 and I m 6-2. ( bad joke huh???)

But that's not the issue. The point is why the hell I m getting pain from the last freaking half weeks. I didn't come here for getting pain.. I have had enough.. I came to have some fun.. kick some asses.

I cant hurt any of them. That's why I just let that go between 2 of them. Now they misunderstood me. coz, think I don't care what the hell is going on there. She thinks I didn't say anything to shybal coz I don't care for her.. and shybal thinks the same. Now if my destiny is like that then I should stop talking about her/him. Since I don't fit anyway. Its more above than one yr to know u 2 jackasses. Its hard for me to leave. But I wont mind coz I don't wanna get things by push. I ws suffering for the last few days.. cant talk.. behave properly.. is this a joke.. So, I will give it one more shot. To leave that thing and be like before. Or I wont touch any of ur wind anymore.

And how the hell u gnawed my heart by saying those things jui.. since u said every single little thing to me what's happening to u.. its been astonishing.. I cant believe it today either. It's like a nightmare, which is still going on.

Where the hell that shithead shybal goes for the last few days. And that peanut jui goes for fooling around somewhere. Its not fair, u people vanished out by giving me such hurts for doing nothing exactly.

People Discussion
(Tuesday, June 12, 2001)

Welldone Megh!!!!!! I hope Konka and Shybal will realize you and come back with their normal posture.

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