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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, August 18, 2003
From: ~*dushtu*~

prio BB members..apnader shobai ke janai shagotomo..amader b2k er 4th jonmobarshikhite...protibar er moto ebar o amra notun kichu korte chai ... tobe ebar jeta korte chai seta holo shobai ke sujogh dite chai tader prio personality ke choose korar... ;)

1. mrs. b2k? ( ladies first)
2. mr. b2k? ( guys last )
3. mrs. lovergirl of b2k 2003?
4. mr. loverboy of b2k ?
5. mr. bhai of b2k?
6. ms. or mrs. sis of b2k?
7. mr. friend of b2k?
8. ms. or mrs. friend of b2k?
9. ms. or mrs. perfect of b2k?
10. mr. perfect of b2k?
11. mr. admin of b2k ?
12. ms. or mrs. admin of b2k?
13. ms. or mrs. sweet personaly of b2k?
14. mr. sweet personality of b2k?
15. ms or mrs. naughty of b2k?
16. mr. naughty of b2k?
17. bhalo manush of b2k?
18. kharap manush of b2k?
19. ms. or mrs. interesting chatter of b2k?
20. mr. interesting chatter of b2k?
so on and onnnn.....
hope u guys will enjoy..
take few minutes and please vote for it...

People Discussion
(Monday, August 18, 2003)

#nervous# well Dushtu sis aami ki bolbo ...aamar kotha keo daam dei na coz aami pichhi Image Code: 00-006 tarpor-O i Guess Mr. Interesting Chatter Of B2k is Fasi Bhai orofe Rahim Mia [kichu Bhul Bollam na toh] Image Code: 01-019

(Monday, August 18, 2003)

ke bolloo tomar kothar dam nai boloto gantu bhai!! tomar ekta kothar dam ee to shudhu laakh taka!! Image Code: 09-016 so be happy

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

Great Idea dusto moniii. cery interesting....u for got one picchi sis of B2K :p and im sure dat is gonna be u...hehe

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

*very.excuse me im some what lacking in ma typing skills lately...

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

Dushtu Sis...ladies 1st eta shudhu toilet-er jonno...:P..arrehhh GuYz toh allwaYs 1st thake..:P..emmm shotti aamar kotha keo dam dei naah...#crap#..ek lakh taka ki 1 taka-O Dam naai..

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

i m the best [capsule] now n forever !!!!

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

I am very pleased to know that b2k has fallen into the 4th year. But it is really hard for me to judge the chatters of b2k. I got lot of friends, brothers and sisters from b2k and many of them have already crossed the barrier of the net and entered into my real life. To me, all regular chatters are funny, friendly and nice and when I met them I found them even friendlier, funnier and nicer. I am pretty sure those whom I have not met yet, will fall into the same category. So, dear utsaw sis, I believe all regular chatter of b2k possess those qualities you have talked about. Yes, I agree, a few chatters pretend to be naughty and bad sometimes, but I firmly believe, they are pretty nice in the real world too. Greetings to all chatters of b2k.

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

best bro:my dashing rajib[wrath] bhaia..kobi OLI bhaia:D and shobar eto eto pochondo eto eto bhalo anik bhaiaa!
best sis: my two absolutely amazing sisters anurika n opsi u two seriously!
friends: aryan ..capsule[tore doya korlam ja ] anu sis ,opsi pu n anu pu
mr.naughty: one and only spoilt fatso boltu tar se ra chora!! ppl may think he is all nice and sober..he isnt! this is a public exposure of who he really is hehehe enjoy tar se ra
most cutest: dushtu di ofcourse!!
by drawing out a few ppl from the room i dont want to leave the others behind..i absolutely enjoy everyones company in the room..i am sure others would fall under all category voted by please dont feel left all make b2k really special ..i mean ALL not just the ones i make it different..u make it annoying..irritating..interesting but above all you all make up b2k! ..

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

3. r..amader prince of bakulia(TURTLE)
5.fasi (bhuriwala)bhai
7.,CAPsule dada and only..dushtu
r guli koite partasi na..r ektu boro hoia nei tar pore komu

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

Best Bros and Lovers Boyz Of B2k are: Gorgey Bhaiaa(wrath),
Bhaiaaaaaa(aunto) Golu Bhaiaaaa(Ami), Oli Bhaiaa, Aryyy bhaiaaa, Viruuu Bhaiaaa, Oli
Bhaiaaaa, and last but not least Sbb ma Bratuussss lady’s bag chur..( I love
u reee mutkoo)…all my bros are very charming and they certainly how to charm
the ladys…Specially Golu bhaia by Whispering Hambaa to all the girlz(sorry golu bhaia)
My best lady friend and best sis: Sarah she is the most caring intelligent
sis a person can dream of, she’s always there for you….along wid opso aps
ava aps and many many more thank you all the girlz of b2k….u are all too

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

Mr naughty, Mr decent, Mr helpful, The One The Only tsr=The Serous Rakkosh,
who can take a joke and have a laugh wid his 2 khala’s who tease him to bits……a piece of advice bekoub khala try to cut down on the haddi’s man… boltu all the thanks goes to for fixing BB……

the people's name dat i did'nt mension does'nt mean i like u less....thank you all for every thing..Hope you all will enjoy b2k for many years to come

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

1) mr b2k definitely its...wrathmoni.#shy#
2)best moni"s of b2k: Durrahmoni, ontoramoni, Sarahmoni, anurikamoni,anamicamoni,laizumoni.
3)shy guy of b2k : definitely its tsr (texas er sundori romoni)
4)dorjal girl of b2k: shiftamoni and haturimicamoni
5)jamela guy of b2k: shybal (orofe tiktiki thukku girgity)
6)anju gosh of b2k: laizumoni #shy#
7) best..chapabaj guy of b2k: buira bird..thukku songbird
8)best guy in b2k: definitely its fasi bhai.
9)cutest girl..of b2k : its dushtu..
10)funny guy in b2k: goru bhaiya..
11)standby lover boy of b2k: Virus
11)sweet personality of b2k: sarahmoni,RINI moni
12)guys and girls i love in b2k: warth, dhulo,aryan, alkatel,lotorpotor...kakra .thukku makra..gantuuuuuuu, capsule,
13)Official guy in b2k:cluster1
Dadu of b2k(with love): Omyio da
14)mama of b2k: Halun mama
15)friendly girl in b2k: Durrahmoni
16)kobi of b2k:OLI bhai.

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

One & Only Mama.. Image Code: 06-011 of b2k my Dearest Cap Mama....
Mama, ILU ILU, I Love You...

(Tuesday, August 19, 2003)

12)guys and girls i love in b2k: warth, dhulo,aryan, alkatel,lotorpotor...kakra .thukku makra..gantuuuuuuu, capsule,

Jak, akta manush tao amar nam loiche...
Thanks turtle mia bhai..

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

welll....gotta vote .....
mrs b2k???....sorry no idea ........Mr.B2k..... =AniK damm sure gulss luv that turtle so much that they all want him in their lap ...Mr..luver boy...also goes to ANIK BHAI..( maan he is so tough).................sises...ofcourse...u two...n im sure both of u know who u two really r ..the best sises.. ...bros?? welll...all of them..lets babu...fasi bhai...BOSS( tsr bhai) shybal bhai..OLi bhai...fasi bhai..munir bhaia.....virus bhai....................n tamallla...himellaa...nadeem..( boc)....n Sb...luv these bors foreva....
ma sises..picchie n sweetsss sis..alwayz be like u r rightt now..n apusss..KONKA APUUU N SHIFTA APu....will never forget u all..never.

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

Best Brother : Aunto, Jahid, WraTh, tsr, Anik, crOss, Capsule, Oli, Enam, alkatel, aryan, sgarden, Boc, Virus, Munir & SB Shoitan
Best Sister : #nuts# Opsora, Ontora, Jhata, Jharu, Choity, Shormy, laizu, tania jee, Rini & Dushtu
Friends : Anamica, Presila, iCe-coOL, Koli, Raima etc

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

wow anik moni! tumi amar nam likhecho!!.tumi eto bhalo keno boloto!

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

ganeitttaaa..jhata jharu kare kos???

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

Do yaa chatterz really think that it's topic where we can participate openly?. The answer "no" So why are we bringin' this topic over and over constantly to hurtin' own friends(though every others has their own taste to pick)

'm not here to discriminate orr encourage someone to stop posin' here. yeah, now you could ask "why 'm I sittin' my ass down here?".....well the answer's, I really don wanna see some b2k chatters get upset('caz itzzz really hard to judge the best outta too many nnn sometimes u hurt urrr unknowingly which I heard....nn demand me to write somethin') nnn make urself fool.........

(nnn btw don think dat 'm talkin' for my own breed nn itzzz all known who 'm I nn where headin' to......)

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

for the very first time shybal bhai amar kono posting eee respond koreccheee....... dekhe khub bhalo laaghlo....jokhon tomar shaate kotha hoi tokhon bolleo to parte kotha ta je amer posting ta tomar kacchee khub bajey kichu ekta boley mone hoyeccheee....
*** amer posting ee kew dukkho peley i am extremely sorry.. i really didnt mean to hurt anyone... and i hope you guys know it..... ok shybal bhaiya..... i will pay back ok.. i wont talk to you anymore.. amer kotha ba amer posting ee jodi tomar etoi baje mone hoye thake.... khoda hafez.. bhalo theko onek onek bhalo....
onek onek like kori tomai ekti bhai hisebe...

(Wednesday, August 20, 2003)

dheettttt pagliii!!!!!!! ami comment likhte chaini nn likhar shomoi vebechialm ke ke protest korbe n tui tader ekjon hobi, dushtu(r tui amar darona-ke proman kore dili).......

neway amii tor feelings-ke hurt korte chaini, just bujate cheyechi "eta khub sensitive topic jekhane oanke frankly participate korte parbe na nn already onek-ke hurt kora hoyeche(jara jader-ke khub close bhandu/vhai/apu hisebe janto nn tara amake boleche how they feel) rrrr taiiii amar tomader likhai ashaa, dushtooo(rrrr janoto, ami kuno likhai participate korina, unless kichu personal issue chole ashe)!!!!!!!!!

(again ami apologize jodi hurt kore thaki nnn eta intentionally korini......infect tui always amar chutro adorer dushtoo hoyei thakbiii!!!!!)

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

ekhane karo naam likha ,onnyo kono dukhi monke aro dukhkhi korar nisthur proyash,
ekti manush taar sobtuku ruup rosh aar gondho niye ei nirbak ondho golite tomake kototukiba mughdho korte parbe bolo??????
kichu kichu mon ache kotha koitei janena ,
shudhu kadtei jane,
tumi janteo parbena sei dhukhi moner thikana ,jodi jante ojhor dharay borishon hoye osrujoler ek nodi boiye dite ,

tumar sopone ami bhuleo hoyto asini ,
tai bole bondhu amito tomay kom bhalobasini.

na na na se amar kotha noy ,
hote pare onnyo kono dhukhi ontor aar taar jole bheje chokher na bola kotha gulo amar oi moner anginate artonad kore firche,

dukhkho peyona bondhu ,tomar oi na bola golpo aar chokher tarar hasi,
amar kobitay purono shoshi hoye prokashito hobe chirokaal,
ei nishphol kobi tobo kane kane boli,
bhalobasi bhalobasi

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

seriously chinta korle..yaa its true someone could get hurt ....but ami vote diyesi just for fun..taito eto easily onek ke onek kisu bolesi..after all b2k is like a family now...eikhane..kar nam ana holo kar nam ana holona seita niye mon kharap korar mone hoyna kono obokash ase, amar kase jeita mone hoy, coz we know each other pretty good.... fun na korle.......konkaboti.....megh (navim) lamia oder kei age ante hoto.eto eto priyo mukh gulo..just for fun er jonnoi eita koresi "tarpor oo jodi keu hurt peye thake i am sorry for that"...again....jokhon likhesiiiii ..eto eto nam onek guloi miss hoyese..pore jokhon dekhesi..kharap legese...ok keno anlam naaa eto chomotkar manush taaaaa...but seriously vote dite gele beparta really sensitive.....

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

dushtu tumi ei "vote" er posting ta dile kintu tumi nijeii to vote daoni...keno boloto!!!!!

(Thursday, August 21, 2003)

ami to nije jani eee amer kara kara amer posonder kintu onnoder ta jante chacchilum aar ki... janar proti amer agroho nei temon, kintu ojanar proti ee aagrohota beshi kaaj kore....

(Saturday, August 23, 2003)

sob kichhu ke e amara seriously niye nei....aaita ekta jatiyo dosh's all for fun,,,,,,,,fun.

(Saturday, August 23, 2003)

1. mrs. b2k? Anurika
2. mr. b2k? Jahid/ami/goru/BC
3. mrs. lovergirl of b2k 2003? koli
4. mr. loverboy of b2k ? Sb/Billi
5. mr. bhai of b2k? ENAM
6. ms. or mrs. sis of b2k? Sarah
7. mr. friend of b2k? Sb
8. ms. or mrs. friend of b2k? Sarah
9. ms. or mrs. perfect of b2k? Opsora
10. mr. perfect of b2k? Apurba
11. mr. admin of b2k ? TSR (who else!)
12. ms. or mrs. admin of b2k? KonkaBoti
13. ms. or mrs. sweet personaly of b2k? Chicken
14. mr. sweet personality of b2k? Aryan
15. ms or mrs. naughty of b2k? Opsora
16. mr. naughty of b2k? Virus
17. bhalo manush of b2k? Oasis
18. kharap manush of b2k? KharapManush (who else!)
19. ms. or mrs. interesting chatter of b2k? Durrah
20. mr. interesting chatter of b2k? Capsule20mg

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