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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, June 10, 2001
From: Snow :
Bangla Font in Bulletin Board

I don't know where or to whom should I ask for this .. Many of our members write their openion/experiences into the bulletin board in English. But still there are some expressions which are not able to be expressed properly in any language other than Bangla (Don't you think so ?). Thats why some of us have to write Bangla using Latin alphabet. Isn't it possible to keep an optional Bangla writing facility beside the usual English in b2k interactive ?

People Discussion
(Sunday, June 10, 2001)

i fully agree with u.

can the fol line be translated?

" misty kichu hawoa ene tomaar kopaal e chowabo GO "

ya it can b .. somehow.. but can we really give it a depth ??

(Sunday, June 10, 2001)

Sotti Snow apni moner kathata bole felechen. Se jonno dhonnobad.

B2k kortipakkho apnara ki amader ei moner asha abong shopno ta puron korar katha vabe dekben ki???? Pritibite kintu amrai ek mathro jati jara ei vashar jonno juddho korechi abong desh shadhin korechi!!! Sei dabi niyei amra asha korbo khub taratari apnara ekta babosta niben eta bastobaito korar jonno.

Rony Salman
(Sunday, June 10, 2001)

I just couldn’t agree less with you, Snow, you just took the word right out of my mouth. I was thinking about asking for the same request, just couldn’t put my act together (a real ‘ALASH’)! The other day, I was going through some nice poems posted in the Bulletin board and to my utter disappointment found out that it really took quite a strenuous and painstaking effort to apprehend the bangla meaning breaking down word for word written with English alphabets. Eventually, it marred the real essence, which could have been a mesmerizing one! So that now Snow (thanks) has brought up the issue, I also would like to request B2k to provide Bangla writing facility. B2k may also have the provision for downloading Bangla fonts if someone needs them.

(Wednesday, April 03, 2002)

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