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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 26, 2003
From: Aahmed

For more than a half-century, American foreign policy dealing with oil has typically been manipulative and misguided, often both at the same time. The pattern of intrigue has ranged from us officials secretly writing tax laws in the 1950s( so the Saudi royal family could collect more money from the sale of its oil and american companies could write off the added payments on their tax return)to overthrowing a government that showed to much independents in handling its oil sales. To illiustrate the dark side of american oil policy , we offer two tales, stitched together from declasified government documents and oil-industry memos, involving a pair of Iraq,s neighbors, Iran and Afganistan.
The first one begins with the rise of a member of Iran,s parliament, mohammed Mossadegh, am impassioned speaker and popular politician who had long chafed at british domination over his countries oil. The anglo-Iranian oil co., partly owned by the british government and a predecessor of todays british petrolium, held the concession for all of Iran. It set production rates and price as well as Iran's token share of the proceeds. Mossadegh sought a fifty-fifty sharing agreement , which was then becoming the common arrangement between other oil producing countries and U.S. companies. The british refused, in 1951 Mossadegh successfully pushed to nationalize Annglo-Iranian, became Iran's Premier and established the National Iranian Oil Co.
The british boycotted Iranian oil, and the u.s joined them. No international company would bye Iran's oil. The iranians had no independent system for delivering it. They had no technical skill to produce it, since the british had long relegated Iranian workers to menia jobs. Even when Mossadegh threatend to flood the world with half prise oil, he was able to deliver only a trickle because of the economic blockade. As Iranian government withered, the eisenhower adminstration cut off foreign aid. Unrest followed and angry citizen took to the street. This was prompted suggestions that the communists were coming, even though Mossadegh was as anti-soviet as he was anti british. On aug .19, 1953, after the deaths of about 300 people in the street riots, the 71 year old premier was overthrown. He was replaced by a retired army general, Fazollah Zahedi. The american friendly Shah, who had earlier fled the country, returned triumphantly, resumed the throne and reasserted his control.
This is just part of a report of the " TIME", BY Donald l Barlett and James B Steele.
America has been doing this for more than 100 years. They took Filipines and Cuba from Spain, in the same fasion. Then it was the false story about spanish killing one forth of the cuban and making it all necessary for the us to kick the spanians out of North America.
Saddam was their man for more than 30 years. So was bin laden a mojahadeen when he fought the Russians with the us arms.
From africa to asia to anywhere the us army goes follows a pipeline with it. In Afganistan they are building a pipeline more than 1200 mile long. In africa they are doing the same. And Iraq's oil reserve is not only the second largest in the world but also it costs less to get the oil out in Iraq than the rest of the world.Just little more than a dollar, where is Saudi Arabia it costs more than 10 and in us its costs 13 dollar per barale.
US went to war for far less than trilions of dollar in case of Iraq. In Guate mala they changed a elected government to save money of an american banana farmer. When columbia asked for ten million dollar to let us build the panam canal, they made the country of Panama out of columbia instead of paying the money.They went to war with mexico in 1848 with a false claim to the mexican government that some of the us citizens lost property and money during mexico's war with spain and what could have been solved peacefully they wage war against mexico and took from them California, Part of new mexico, Arizona, Part of Orgone, Colorado and Texas.
I am putting all these here for those who doesn't have clue about the way this country has been behaving and the way its going until now. All these wealth is gathered by killing and killing and some more killings, which started with the Indians and is going on now in Iraq and many many parts of the world.
I feel sory for those who thinks this is a good thing that American foreign policy is going. You will get it once your friend, your cousin or someone you know feels the pain. Wake up and smeel the coffee people. Find out what " Patriot act two" is. And think how that will change most lives who aren't white.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 28, 2003)

Maybe you should get off that Afghani weed you are smoking crackhead! Hmm .. on second thought, I think I will invite some of the right-wing idiots from the SDC board overhere to give u some ass-whopping. There isnt much difference between a right-wing, redneck "holier-than-thou" white supremecist and a sword-wielding muslim fundamentalist like you. Just the geography.

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, May 28, 2003)

Come on Cluster, that's not you saying those..! You came down pretty hard on him without stating any reason or paving any way for the ensuing arguments (I believe that's not your way). Those are not Aahmed's words, he is probably relaying the work/article put forth by an analyst. I agree the analyst could be one of the partisans, but we can't insinuate about the report being concocted unless we bring out some false info or at least some twisted facts. And it's not always the fundamentalist writing against the American Government, Arundhati Roy (Indian non-muslim writer) simply flayed the US Government in the Guardian during USA's Afgan attack. And guess what, Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy was selected by the US-based Lannan Foundation last January for its fourth annual Prize for Cultural Freedom.

(Thursday, May 29, 2003)

I don't have time to talk to a moran and arguing with an idiot is just waste of my time. By the way if you really interested to kick my ass just let me know when and where and I will see you there.

(Monday, June 02, 2003)

You are correct Rony that I hardly used any reasoning with Aahmed's posts. Thats because he used deragatory and racists words in his earlier post. I agree this posting did not include such rubbish but he didn;'t even bother to quote the source, thats plagarism at best, or worse - abusing others' words as his own. Although I dont agree with many viewpoints of A. Roy I know he is a respected intellectual. Cant say the same about Aahmed. Just ignore me in these types of mud-slinging threads.


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