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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 22, 2003
From: cluster11
My B2K moments ..

PPL I miss most in B2K: Konka, Rebecca, Chicken

Memorable moments from B2K:
- The time I met Konka. I came to B2K Chat only to meet her and she was the first person I talked to (not knowing it was "her"!)
- The time I ignored opsii for calling me "atel" . I've never met anyone who has been that patient with a loser like me. I mean that sincerely!
- All the good fun I had with ichhi and dicchi :)
- The time when I brought my ex-GF to B2K and Rebu made fun of vegeterians.
- When I met Arch in B2K.
- The 1st time I got a phonecall from a B2K user (u know who u are!!)

I've tried many chatrooms on the internet since the web came about. And B2K is one of the best I enjoyed. Well .. except the lag .. and the kicking .. and the .. (I luv B2K!)

People Discussion
(Thursday, May 22, 2003)

very well written.

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

Arch?? tumi ki Archana nick er karo kotha bolecchoo?

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

Clustyy....This is written just like a supa agent .I miss all the old chatters tooo so come back people

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

Cluss, u r one of a kind! The tubelight!
So glad to know a person like you!

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

The only person who changed my life, and gave it a new turning is Cluster11 (you know what I mean, don't you clusty?). I will never have enough words to say him thanks for the support he extended for me during the most critical time of my life.

I will always think of you cluster, no matter how far I go. If you ever need some one beside you, just know, i will be more then happy to be there for you. Thanks.

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

1st Converstaion with Cluster 11

Cluster11: I am 27, male, 6'-0", live in the USA.

me: I am not 27, not a male, not from USA and definitely not 6'-0".(you remember that clusty? )

(Friday, May 23, 2003)

I rememebr that just like as if it was yesterday! And god knows how many times you fooled me by coming under a different nick! (although Sb probably is the master of nick changing).


(Saturday, May 24, 2003)

hehe.... kinto somehow... "KICK" khele thik e bujhten je its Sb... tai na clusty bhaia?

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