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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, May 22, 2003
From: ||kuashaa||
killing of Bangladshis by Indian BSF

I couldn't help but ask for your attention to a report published in JaiJaiDin.

BSF killed :
13 Bangladeshis in 1996
11 Bangladeshis in 1997
23 Bangladeshis in 1998
33 Bangladeshis in 1999
25 Bangladeshis in 2000
69 Bangladeshis in 2001
105 Bangladeshis in 2002

They killed 8 BDRs and wounded 9 ('96-'01).
They kidnapped 118 Bangladeshis (Jan 02-Jan 03). Till date, 35 persons are still missing including 9 children.
(phoshol ebong goru chhagoler kotha baad e dilam).

Can you name just one civilised country in this world engaged in killing of this nature?

People Discussion
(Monday, May 26, 2003)


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