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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, June 09, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
Aamr kotha: Please ignore if you are not interested

~~aaguner poroshmoni choaao praane ae jeebon purno koro
ae jeebon purno koro DOHON Daane..~~

Many people might disagree but I believe life is a learning ground. We learn things from every single event and incident of our life, and that’s how we move on. We learn lessons from our success, and we learn lessons from our failures. That’s how we evolved. That’s how we become homo-sapiens from ape-man. Last one week has been one of the greatest learning scopes life has ever offered me.

Usually a fight starts for silly reasons. Most of the time it starts as a result of some people’s silly mistakes, or whimsical decisions. Afterward other innocent people get involved in to it and affected by that. When a fight continues for ages, people even forgets the reason it started. But the war goes on, so is loosing dearest persons and resources of our life, and damaging the environment. Be it in real life, or in net. That is the greatest learning I have got during the last week form the fight where many of us have been involved in.

In one point with great surprise I observed, we had the highest number of posting in one day in BB on this fighting issue!! It was for me at the same time an element of pleasure, and pain. It was a pleasure to see how much we care for each other, and pain that we have to prove that for a wrong reason, in an unhealthy way! May be one day, when we will be old and retired, we will look back to this issue and laugh and cry at the same-time.

We used the elements of darkest part of our personality during the fight. I don’t blame anyone about what have been said. That’s is only a normal thing in a silly fight like this. However, I want to make few things clear to all who were close observer of this silly fight and who were involved with it.

1. First of all, I am not the admin for b2k Bulletin Board. I am admin for the chat room. Bulletin board is maintained by some one else not me. Last few days, several times, I have been charged for deleting message from the bulletin board to support someone or to put some one down. However, the fact is, I even didn’t have a clue what messages had been deleted. Messages were deleted by the bulletin board admin, who is more then a fair person. Messages were only deleted to keep the board clean, those have been deleted because they contained very bad words, not to support some one or put some one down. And one more thing, I got involved into this silly thing but never even imagined to use, abuse or misuse my admin power for this. The fight was spread out among chatters, and I was only a chatter to get involved in to it. As an admin, I should not get involved in to this sort of silly things. But inside of the b2k chat room admin KonkaBoti, there is a little girl, who likes to be a chatter, a normal chatter in b2k chat room. About the admin power, I believe that is a responsibility given on me, and I should try to be fair to use it. Although we have limitations but I try my best to perform my job in a fair manner. While fighting, I never requested anyone to delete any of the messages to support me, or put some one down. I reiterate here gain, message were only deleted if they contained bad words.

2. I didn’t reacted april’s first posting (to Shagor) just because I am admin for b2k chat room. I reacted for 2 reasons, 1st, I felt offended by april’s comment on me and Myabaoti. 2nd, april’s ideology about virtual world was different then that of mine, so I expressed my reaction and opinion (which we always do in Bulletin board, and which I thought is one of the objectives of a bulletin board). So it was not that I was trying to protect Shagor, or I jumped in to the Shagor-april issue just because I am admin for B2k chat room. If Shagor did anything wrong, I believe april has all the rights to protest that.

3. I never tried to give a shelter to Observersoul. In fact he doesn’t need that. He is strong enough to protect himself and many others too. But the reason I reacted on april and Shybal’s comments on Observersouls posting, I was again brought in to that issue. In observersouls first posting, in her comments april referred Observersoul as my “ free servant” and shybal in his usual way ask him “not to kiss my feet”. I know very little about Observersoul, but whatever I know about him, I have a great respect for him, and which drive me totally nuts when I read those 2 comments ( I wish I never read them).

However, I believe that the fight is over now. I shoulder the responsibility of my part for whatever happened and promise next time I would be much more careful, and think twice before publishing a comment in bulletin board. With this note, I would like to apologize to those I have hurt during this silly fight. I also apologize to the bulleting board viewers for viewing nasty arguments and being in such an unhealthy environment for all most a week. We only learn from our mistakes, and our life gets the fulfillment with pains (ae jeebon purno koro Dohon daanee!), pain of making mistakes, pain of loosing special people who are close to our heart.

I am going out of the town for 2 weeks. I hope and pray, this 2 weeks time will redeem the hatred of those who hates me for this nasty fight, and heal the loses we have in our life as a result of this silly thing.

I wish you all happy time in B2k chat room, and productive interaction in Bulletin Board.

Cheers! :)


People Discussion
(Saturday, June 09, 2001)

a good human always takes the blame .. i wish i were u .. at least a servant of u ... all the best

(Saturday, June 09, 2001)

shonmaner ashon ta arro paka holo didimoni tumaar akopot ukti ebong onabil abhibekti tumar morjada anekgune bariye dilo.
My heartful regards to u, wish u all the best.
shei shathe concerned bondhuder anurodh korbo, please act accordingly. May Almighty be kind with us and guide us towards right path.

(Saturday, June 09, 2001)

for human .. superior / comrade

Snow :
(Sunday, June 10, 2001)

Appreciable ! At least I love that part ... 'We learn from every single event and incident of our life'. Actually this should be the basic strategy of a human life as I believe.

(Saturday, June 16, 2001)

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