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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Thursday, May 08, 2003
From: Ruhy
some other reasons to be an asian........

rite this is a funny story, yesterday this leaflet came flying on my street, which am gonna type it down a little later, now i have no idea who did this but it is true......and i thought u guyz might wanna it is........
*You go to your parents country and they treat you like a member of the royal family
*you ask your dad a simple question and he tells you story of how he had to walk mile barefoot just to get to school
* you dad drives a nissan
*you're rich so he drives a Mercedes
*(for females) you're parents would freak out if u wore a crop top baring your midriff but wearing a sari is perfectly acceptable
(for females) your brother had no curfew while u had to be home at 11pm (no not 11pm 6 pm!)
*you are ALWAYS taking off and putting on your shoes wherever you go
* when u were lil you always wondered why your English friends waited until after breakfast to brush their teeth when u did the first thing in da morning
*to your english friends, oil is used purely for cooking and not as grooming aid!
* you wonder how odd it would be to see your parents within one foot of eachother
*your parents have nicknames but only because people they work with just stop when trying to read their names
*you have annoying nicknames like " Chotu or Chiku
*your parents call your friends "beta bety" whether they are PAK or not
*your mother measures the wealth in gold and diamonds
* your parents drink 6 cups of tea a day
*Your parents push the concept of an arranged marriage on you and try to demonstrate how well it works whenever they're not fighting
*your parents compare you to all of their friends' kids
*at least once a week your mom says, "i want to go to India/Pakistan/Bangladesh.
*No one ever seems to call ahead of time to say they are coming over for a visit.
*your parents worry what other people will think if you're not going to be a doctor/lawyer/engineer.
* your parents always say, " Its cheaper in Bangladesh/India

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