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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, May 07, 2003
From: laizu
freedom & right

What's the real meaning of having freedom and rights for our life???

don't u guys think that sometimes * our freedom* overlaps *our rights*.. and that's why we r told that we have more freedom... but to me i think that's actually our right as a human being..rather than having freedom to do things...

People Discussion
(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

arent they opposide sides of the mirror?
isnt it our right as humans to have our freedom ? just as we should be free to have our own rights ?

maybe u should take is easy Ms Laizu, get a very very cold AC and chill out with an ice cold 7 UP. after all last time i checked, the summer in Texas was just getting started

(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

(don't u guys think that sometimes * our freedom* overlaps *our rights*.. and that's why we r told that we have more freedom)>> ami ashole atai bolte chachilam j....ami jokhon amar moto choli tokhon amak bola hoi amar beshi bekti sadhinota bereche..but amar kotha holo.. j take bekti sadhinota bole mone kore.. oi ta amar kache odhikar mone hoi ekjon manush hisebe ... ami jante chachilam tomara ki mone koro oita tomder der sadhinota na odhikar jokhon tomar nijer moto kore cholte chao........

(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

tumi tomar *

(Thursday, May 08, 2003)

sadhinota ar odhikar -- duto ekebarei vinno bepar. manush kokhonoi puropori shadin noi. manush nijer icche onujayee shob kicho korte parena....onek example dewa jai er pichone..abaro manusher jonno shobshomoi nijer icche onujayee chola thik na...eta tar jonno mongoljonok noi.........borong icche gulir majhe kontake kaje porinoto korbe ar kontake korbena etar sidddhanto newar sadhinota ache....taw kaj ta je hobei taro kono nischoyota manush hishebe amader aker onner upor odhikar cahe.....jemon amar upor shobar odhikar cahe temni onner upor amar odhikar ache..........tober nijer odhikar chere dewa valo.......kintu onner odhikar purno thakar bepare shochesto thaka chai.

(Friday, May 09, 2003)

laizu e beparey aami kichhu boltey chai. kintu onno ekta topic niye bhabchhi, 'motherhood & freedom'. participate korben kindly?

(Friday, May 09, 2003)

thanks for ur opion shadharonmanush and daiyan......why don't u post it firt..kuasha....theni will see

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