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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Monday, May 05, 2003
From: --cheetah--
slow - but too shadamata?

B2k chat is extremely slow most of the time. But is it too simple (shadamata)? Please post your opinion.

People Discussion
(Monday, May 05, 2003)

Heheheh..Aei matro b2k thelog in korthe giyechilam..bole 20 mins pore log in korthe..hehehe...

Tarporo, jodi kori 20 mins or 20 days later b2k thei korbo...ota amar ghor bari...amar bondhu-ra, amar poribar sob ami oui ek jaygay giye peyechi...oui sadamata manush guli-e amar jibone rongdhonu hoye aseche...tai, b2k simple huk ba na huk, ota-i amar ekantho jayga abong ami okhane giye-i bhalo onuvhob kori and korbo!
Thx Cheetah

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

Hi ArospO, the chatters are great - no doubt about that. But what about the chat room itself? I mean what about the options/features it has?

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

u can type and send ur msgs and u can also see other ppls' msgs

here u can use different types of emoicons to make ur conversation more interactive

u can also ignore chatters msgs if u dont like them/ their msgs

want to more..?? just log onto the chat room an explore all the options.. u will surely enjoy it

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

lately b2k !! Tini loading korsen #loading# sesh arr hossena...mone hosse tini banijje jaben....still loading... then tini buro hossen...still loading ..ek somoy tini more jassen #u got killed# / #u got disconnected# why ?? eita ki moger mulluk naki ?
Tobuo bhalo bashi b2k .. its like love ...eto eto wait kora....kosto pawa ...but tobuo bhalo thakaa

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

Cheetah, I personally use that much of options and icons..but I see some of them are really funny! sometimes hasthe hasthe mathithe pore jai icon guli'r use dekhe..jodi'o bishal size-r icon guli room r o slow kore day, tobu agulir jothapujuktho use dekhe bhalo-e lagge...all I can say is everyhting is great about this SITE, B2K..

(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

cheetah agger mag te ami diyechilam je b2k is slow and sadamata.....janina ota shinui ei bulletin kina jai hok....
tokhono bolechi ekhono bolchi ogulo amar kotha chilo na ami jader b2k room e invite korechilam tader kotha..../ashole b2k ta onnano chat room theke shompurno alada ekta room.....tai jara 1st entre kore tara emoni bhabe ..../karon b2k er shob rong shob shondorjo lukiye acche....tara sheta ber korte pare na.. ../
ar shegulo uddhar korte parle b2k moteo sadamata na..../

(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

but ei kodin b2k er upor chorom theke chorom raag lagcche.....
kobe sustho hobe ..amar b2k ta>>Image Code: 00-011

(Wednesday, May 07, 2003)

Shormy, you are right. I published this bulletin after reading your message. I should have acknowledged that. I apologize.

Baul Mon
(Thursday, May 08, 2003)

b2k amar prothom bhalo basa, b2k amar shesh bhalobasa.
atpoure taater sharite b2k aporupa, i love b2k and b2k's friends.

(Saturday, May 10, 2003)

slow hole ki holeo b2k is the best chat room i have ever been to...

(Saturday, May 10, 2003)


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