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Saturday, July 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, May 03, 2003
From: ArospO
Lets Share The Secret!

How did you all came to know about B2k?

Hi..this is me Opsora..some of you may know me for long and some of you may not...but, I will tell you today how did come to know this site and what made me stay here...
To begin with, I never liked to chat...Then one bored afternoon, I went to one of those chat room, i.e, bangla cafe , bdchat etc etc..then I started talking with few people and found out everyone is looking to know you personally at the very first day...idea was too bad for me, but still i would go just to see what people are trying to say...Then when in the office, I tried to log on to one of those site and I failed...Then a friend of mine told me to go to this lovely site and i did and was able to connect! The moment I logged on I found these friendly people who are talking to each others, making fun, having a very quality time...At frist, i was very quite, but couldn't continue for long as I am a very "bachal" person..So, it was the start and since then I am hooked into these site and today i can say i fell in love with this site..This became a part od my everyday life...I consider myself lucky to find out such a site like this (though sloww, hehe) and meet some wonderful person through this B2k...
Thanks everyone for being such an wonderful friend!

Now Lets hear form you all:

People Discussion
(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

come* correction 1st line!
know about** 2nd line
of*** 3rd line
a**** 2nd last line
from***** very last line

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

helloo sis,,,,

jano ami likkhecchilam.. ami kibhabe ay site tai prothom ashlam .… but then aar posting ee send korcchinaa.. asholey ami amer shomporke onnoder ke beshi jante ditey chaina.. ha ha aar bortoman er shaate otit ke teney niye ashle shondhorjo komey jai..… tobe ha.. instead of that.. ami ki bolte pari amer prio manushgulir kotha???

Amer shob chaite prio manush guli..…. my family members, mom, dad, Sis, Bhaiya (megh) , and my little bro, my close friends, and Anik bhai ( eto bhaloo manush khubbbb khubbbbb kom hoi.),Didi (Archana ), fiza api, shybal bhai ( didn’t get chance to know abt him that well how I expected )….

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

Tacharaoo..Oli bhai eekjon amer khub prio bhai..,( je amake tar shundor shundor kobita pathai majhe majhe, oti bhalo mon er odhikari ekjon manush ), abong prio manusghulir list ee aro jara porey… Konka api ( Jui apu eek shomoy er ;) ), shifta api, fasi bhai, aro bhuley jawa koto manush… hariye jawa aro onek friend acchee… jemon borno, ruj, nayan bhai, prity, shomi apu, dip bhai, meghla apu, . Jader kothai bollam eekhane tara keu net chatters nah… .era onek puratono members in b2k… aar ki since b2k sever shuru hoyecchee jokhon theke… from the year of 2000.. and I am one of them too.. ..

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

correction: jader kotha bollam tara keu NEW chatters nah.. NOT net!!

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

opsush pu..jani na how i ended up in b2k..i was browsing thru the net searching for bangla sites and then just happen to come to the home page of b2k..then ofcourse eyes fell on "chat" ..and just logged in and from then on just been here

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

...and among the excellent ppl i have met here..u r one of them and i m grateful to have known u too..btw m i one of those "wonderful" persons of b2k?? ..emmm a few of my fav from b2k [ppl i miss out pls dont be sad ..ppl dont forget intentionally u know ]..oki here goes the list...sabrina and rebecca [one of the few ppl i spoke to the first time i logged in b2k!!] sb, sweeeeeeetiie apu, oli bhaia [he's just so famous!],himel bhaia,rajib bhaia [ahh so glad to have known this person!really!]gantu [ the cutiest and most adorable bro ever!!]..lately aunto !! [ abar fule jeo na buira ]..goru bhaiaa [jahid bhaia hehe ]choulss..tupiii mars..durrahpu...OpsorA pu ..and just goes on..

(Saturday, May 03, 2003)

amar b2k te ashar ghotonata besh natokio.......
ami age msn lobby te chat kortam. to ekdin ki mone holo, msn id search korte laglam kono Bangladeshi i mean Chittagongian paoa jai kina! then Mou Chowdhury namer ekjon k pelam. take e-mail dilam porichito hobar jonno. she reply kore b2k'r address dilo r nirdishto shomoy e okhane ashte bollo. amio tai korlam but she elo na. then abar mail korlam but she mone korlo ami bodhoy tar porichito kew, dushtami korchi tar shathe she ektu voy o peyechilo bodhoy tai take r bother korlam na. kintu totodine b2k amai peye bosheche evabei b2k te jatra shuru.....
thanks to that unknown Mou Chowdhury .....

rudra sahosh
(Sunday, May 04, 2003)

amar priyo manushti amake tene ekhane niye aschhe.....karon aaita tar khub priyo jaiga..aaita ekta bangali poribarer moto...
have fun

(Sunday, May 04, 2003)

ami akdin class a boshe bangla sites search korchilam(jei class faki diye always chat kori..khiks) korte korte hotath ei site ta pelam...tarpor BB te oneker posting dekhe bhalo laglo...tai majhe majhe ashte shuru korlam....thats how i ended up in b2k

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

oi jhikimiki ke?/..chimzu naki..amader chimzu has a record of coming from her classes and leaving too!!

(Monday, May 05, 2003)


(Monday, May 05, 2003)

b2k enter korle jei site tate 1st enter kori ta holo b2k...\
amar mone nei kobe ami ki kore b2k te enter kori...but jokhon theke kori tokhon theke b2k amar net songi hoye
ami one friend oneek bhaiya.,...onek sis peyechi....temni onek enemy o acche lol.../
amar b2k er bairer friend der ke jokhon ei kahen invite kori tara keo keo eshechilo...comment o korechilo ek ek jon ...this is a unfriendly room.....khub simple ekta sada mata room..etc etc...but tader kothar stahe ami kono mil khuje pelam na...||
jai hok....b2k room jotoi sadamata jotoi simple ...jotoi slow hok na keno....amar kache b2k room er alada obodan royeche ...ja ami prokash korte parbo na...||
thank you

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

My chat experience started back in '94 with the Internet Chess Server where I did very little chess-ing and a lot of chatting! First encounter with desi chat in '96 at IRC/EFNET. No mIRC back then, used an IRC client on AIX platform. Following B2K since its inception but didnt chat until Summer of 2002. And the very first ppl i talked too were Konka and opsii. And thats probably why I am still around ;)

(Monday, May 05, 2003)

Oh! thx a lot all..
Cluss, what an honor for me!
thx a lot

(Thursday, May 08, 2003)

i jus remember 1 st day i got kick out very good expariance inna all

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