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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, June 08, 2001
From: placenta
For You April

Listen april. U r a kid. And no doubt about it. But that's not the issue. The point is shybal and konkaboti is like something vine and leaves. She loves him like her own brother. And she yelled at him too very often. Every relation has it. It doesn't mean they r denying themselves or something like that. I don't say anything to u first coz u r a girl.. second coz u r a little childish. U think u cant find a friend on the net??? Well, 99.99% people will laugh a big laugh at u coz of ur that thought. And don't say anything to konki. U were the one who brought her up to ur first posting about shagor. What do u think??? U said u r a fun loving person and knows how to make fun. But u didn't mention ur first posting that. U r not like konkaboti or mayaboti who all time said loving words to shagor. And for ur kind of information. Konki doesn't talk like a moron or say things like stupids.
She wd never give a damn about ur posting. Wdnt spend time with it. If u didn't dare to bring herself on ur posting. U think konka is someone like who doesn't have anything in her and talks funny.. that's why u said u rnt like them??? A very unique hunky??? U think urself first before grabbing anyone's identity. Don't be such a stupid april. Its not about the admin thing or like.. what u said she cant anything she wants on bulletin.. Ur mental growth hasn't reached the upper level yet though u r 22 yrs old.

I participated u on ur shagors posting matter. Coz u gave him some shots. That's what I enjoyed. What he loves to do here on b2k. everybody knows it. Grrrrrrrrrrr.. grrrrrrrrrrr. But don't even think to make konka's respect down. remember u were the one who brought her up.

And one more thing stop saying or yelling to konka about shybals matter. Its between them. Let them handle it. U don't need to put ur nose in it. Be happy like u wanted to be.
Mayer chaite mashir dorod beshi naki????

People Discussion
cactus of-morubhumi
(Sunday, June 10, 2001)

hey placenta stop putting oil on fire.
you don't know how to advice. the way you give advice to april is like a kid.
I think you are a kid not april.
april say sorry to telling konka and Maya's name there.
I think she is angry to Shagor that time so she make mistake.and she say sorry for that. but why you make mistake you are angry too ?
and why you angry ?
tell us . I hope you batter say sorry to april to calling her kid.

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