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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, June 08, 2001
From: shybal
Re: KonkaBoti

what r ya up to, konkaboti? is it a kinda fashion to include shybals name in every issue????? if u think that shybal ain't stron' enough to offend himself............u r far away!!!!!!!!

i wouldn't take enough time/page to show my decency or self-satisfiction, konka. however, 'll point somethin' to ur so called friend, wellwisher n rest of readers in here. unfortunatelly n this's the truth...that u r the one who created "april" issue to go far n far n blammed me to take all of shitty credit(just look at urself at the mirror n then ask). now u r tryin' to prove that shybal's the one who mess this site...well done

yeah!!!!!!! i did curse at "observersoul" n he could offend himself personally. but u didn't let him to take the chance. what a "sathotha"!!!!! on the other hand, u really did somethin' for observer(so called well wisher) n he must applaud u, konka. observersoul tried to braggin' me(of course indecent way with slangs) down n u delated all of his messages n kept my messages. isn't it that u tried to prove shybal's a jack asss??? 'caz i don't c ne other reason but this. i ain't mind to take that blame but u guys would 've been that gutts to face the decency n honesty. unfortunatelly, u proved urself as a........( i still do 've some respect left for ya n why 'm not gonna repeat that words to u, konka)

ur comments give the impression that u r energatic like rhinoceros, intelligent n rebellious like an angry bull......ferecious like a rabid dog(what megh has) n may be senseless/heartless like a cold snake. u ain't coward(may be) but ur logic n unchaste/reduplication character takes u coward. didn't i mentioned that i would 've done the samethin' for ya what i had done for april. so why is this?? is it just 'caz of ur self-satisfiction n take an advantage of my previous postin'?

in addition, i wouldn't brin' ur so respective parents in here for ur stupidy n impartial behave to invective them.......the way u did.(abbu-ammu sabh samoy bolan, nijer kormar janno nijai daye thukba....aunno keui noi). n thats why i won't show my narrow mind. i know, u r the eldest one in here n believe that u had seen more than me but would love to say....don't take everythin' personally wheather u r not involve

n.b. i won't ask u to stop doin' the craps what u been through but...courage u to do that n pull me down(if u really could). i'm downin' my knees n askin' u to forgive me..if i had hurt u in incautious. 'caz i'm afraid to tell....this's my last addressin' to ya n might not evan talk in chatroom, lota apu. just forget that u had a younger bro n i would do the same thin' #sad#

People Discussion
(Friday, June 08, 2001)

First of all.. shybal, konki never brought april's issue first. She doesn't even know her well.. she wdnt care about her though. April ws the only one person who brought her up to that unworthy soul shagor's matter. Don't dare to forget that. And how cd u talk like that shybal. u all time having a mad brain. U just blast off in every such matter. U didn't know how much she loved u.. believed u r her own brother. Every relationship has a sour taste. Without that we can't go on. It's needed to lead a life. U got yelled for ur frustrations. If she loves u, can make u like her own brother. Doesn't she have that right to say u things??? Did u ever try to think??? How does she feel to see u fighting? Koto ta kosto pele jui tomake etota kotha shonai. Did u ever try to understand??? If u didn't belong to her heart. She wdnt say a thing to u.. may be these things wont touch u either. If u really cared then u wd stop doing these things.

Care doesn't come easily shybal. it needs to pay a lot. And we shouldn't loose it.

(Friday, June 08, 2001)

u did another mistake, megh n i ain't yelled at lota apu. why don't u read through all of discusses shybal been through n then slap on my chick(wouldn't offened tha time). i did a mistake n it was abt observersoul but lota apu made the rest of things, megh. n i m really grateful to her.......the thin' she has done for me n there's no doubt abt love of lota apu on u.

ami ar nita parshi na, megh.....i'm really sorry man. kintu, amar dukho sekhanai ja ami ekta "apu" haralam. amaka chat-a jakhoni keui jiggasha karto....ami ar kaka jani(lota apu was the prior one on my list).......

amar aro kishu likhta iccha hoccha....kintu keui jeno amar mukha ek pot ink chura dia......

(Friday, June 08, 2001)

crisis makes bondage stronger .. who knows .. it might bring many of us more closer .. to know us a lot better way .. i dont think u ppl gonna loss lota aapu .. its a immediate defeat in a pitch battle but not the ultimate defeat of war .. rather i think it has paved the way to a better success / foundation of eternal relationship... so long u ( all) had a fragile one .. forget everything .. move on .. i m sure u gonna have the best possible one ever to come

(but bro junior has to b submissive .. and senior to sacrifice u know ..)

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