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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Sunday, April 27, 2003
From: aryan
A little message for all b2k chatters.

This message goes to all the b2k chatters who love me, respect me and share his/her time as a friend, sister as well as brother and also to those who doesn’t trust me as a friend as well as dislike me.
I have posted some thoughts of my feel at b2k bulletin and thanks to all who did comments on those but to make you all sure my friends, those posting was not meant to anybody at b2k whom I do chat. Off course I agree with all those post someone is there behind but to be honest that someone is only my imagination nothing much...there is nodbody in reality. I don’t know (that someone) yet and never met or chat in b2k or live. So it’s none of you.
Some of you already took those personally and misunderstood me. So yet once again my message to them nothing I posted there to meant anybody who I do, did chat at b2k or in live. Some one once told me “net e ke ki bollo ba bhablo who cares… is net” but I think to all whom I do chat at b2k they r like my family who share there spare times in my loneliness and I feel good to talk as well as do respect and care to all of them. So please don’t misunderstand me hmmm….and I pray and wish for all of you that happiness surrounds to you all in your entire life..

People Discussion
(Sunday, April 27, 2003)

aapnar kotha shune mone hochchhe apni AMAR MOTOI OSADHARON VALO ekjon manush.

(Sunday, April 27, 2003)

aryna bhai, atto kotha ken bhai..
anything wrong....

Anyway, apnare Bekusur Khalash kore dilam...haha jodi kono mind khaiya thaken..lolz..

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

many thanks for ur comments onahuto....kintu ami ekjon shadharon manush only r thomar motho bhalo hothe pari ni....but i am learning from all u guys and thanks for give me the opportunity.. ......dhulo no nothing wrong actually...

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

OKKKK aryan brooo..

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

Boro-e mulloban bani...Othulonio Aryan!
bhalo theko!

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

thanks to u , u too take care...Opsora

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

Aamar mone hoy...Aryan er eisob kotha-batrar sar mormo holo - HEY GIRLS...I'm not engaged n I haven't fallen for anyone either...!!!...I'm just a free bird, READY TO FLY...!!!..

Hey Aryan bro...don't chase me wid a gun..okay..I was kiddin..

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