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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Saturday, April 26, 2003
From: ---aragon---
~~~all for 1~~

when itz love ya'll give~~
i'll be a man of good faith
when in love ya'll live~~
i'll make a stand i~~
~~~~ won't break.#
ill be da rock ya can build on ~~
be ere when ya'r old ~~
to have and hold....

when there is love all side
i swear ill be alwayz strong

then there iz reason why ~
ill prove to we belong

ill be wall da protect u ~~
from wind and rain from~~
hurt and da pain ~

lsts make itz all for 1 all fo love ~~~~

when itz love u make ~~ ill be the fair in da night
when itz ya take ~~
ill defend i'll fight

ill be ere u need me
where honourz at stake this~~i'll make

thaz iz all fo 1 all fo love ~da coz more then a reason

People Discussion
(Saturday, April 26, 2003)

da da r di di ra daz not a love expretion or something bu a throug line of frienz togather

(Saturday, April 26, 2003)

(Saturday, April 26, 2003)

(Saturday, April 26, 2003)

kichui bujhlam nare masru da...

(Sunday, April 27, 2003)

bashe buzar dorkar nay shahriyer da da

(Sunday, April 27, 2003)


(Sunday, April 27, 2003)

Achchha...aragon maane ki..?...

(Sunday, April 27, 2003)


name tao likhte paro na amar...spelling a atto mistake keno..
aragon da..

(Sunday, April 27, 2003)

Netuuuu Bro..
Aragon hocche Dragon ar choto BeWaRe..

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

aragon holo heir of condor the only magic kingdom remain on earth aragon mean god of power aragon iz a elf --ocourse u must kno bout elf i suppose netu da ...elf and wizard who never gonna die ever

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

Ghorar Dim!
Ki sob bhalobasa'r golpo!

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

ArospO >>> da da ba di di apni jay hon na kan eyta to bhalo basher ki chu na ami agay boyla diche eyta buddy tale da da di di @ ArospO

(Monday, April 28, 2003)

tahola spelling ta ki shariyer da

(Wednesday, April 30, 2003)

name hocche aragon
likche oooo ara khara ..bandil

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