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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2003
From: ShadharonManush

Toronto maple leafs got knocked the F*** OUT !!!!!
OH HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!
that made my day

Congratulations go out to the Philadelphia Flyers from the bottom of my bottomless heart on such a fine victory ..... even though they did take a VERY long time to get a simple job done ...... but anyway they did it and with style too ...
my gratitude on getting a shitty @$$ pussy nigga team out of the playoffs ... OH YEAH OHH YeAH

aha aha aha ......
as they would say in prison ....
whos the biatch now biatch ?

this is one helluva good feeling after a long season ... thank God for the small favor, even though am sure the Flyers did it themselves
and He didnt do it for me.

the scoreboard would have definitely looked better as 6-0 rather than 6-1 but then guess u cant have everything ... but everything comes down to this ......

Maple Leafs got the S*** F***** outta them ...... HELL YEAH !

People Discussion
(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

Maple Leafs....

(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

Ummm isnt that Philly Penguines?

(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

Oh no I'm sorry!!!

(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

Well Vancouver Canucks beat St. Louis last night. How about that :-)?

(Wednesday, April 23, 2003)

You mean The Lunactics haha?

Atleast thats a bit better.
But Maple Leafs...

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