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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001
From: april
hello konkaboti

oh!!you are a very good writer.I saw and read your message throughly.Still I couldn't get the point.

I think,I point that message to shagor,didn't I?yeah,I mentioned you and mayaboti.That was my fault.But why you guys,then keep posting.Do you have any problem.Or you are using your power.You are admin so you must have to write something.You told himel and snow that they are reffering wrong person.Well I accept I am stupid.But if you are so good,you could say something to your so called good friend shagor.Did you see his message about me hmm/april/rifat.

I said I don't want to learn anything from chat place.Still I don't.Did I say it to you?why did it bother you?Did I wrote that message for you?why did it attack on your ego?

Beside that,You even don't know what is the fighing for?Did you know,why I posted message?You don't know but you are giving reply.That's real funny.

I don't know why himel and snow ,they posted message.I don't want anybody for me post any message.because I do think I am strong enough to answer myslef.I don't need any team.

I saw if people wrote something against you or your team.They get offended.why is that?I said the way i view the thing.

You also commented about me.I made one comment about you.Can you count how many comment you made about me?

what have you done was just abusing your power(is here any rule that admin must have to say something 'cause he/she is the admin).You didn't see the whole thing but you answered or tried to answer on behalf of your friends instead.

Wow!!my letter got big.Soptonila I am sorry honey.You know what?I can't express my feeling in small words.That's why I post big mail.Sorry :(

I said,I gave up.I didn't want to post any message after that.This would be my last message.So you can say whatever you say.I don't care.

People Discussion
(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

oh lord,what kind of website it is?all the things came as up and down

(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

I said what I felt like. But I'm feeling sorry for the unwanted interference.

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