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Tuesday, July 24, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2003
From: ||kuashaa||
aadhunik muslim

ekjon 'aadhunik muslim' - er ortho ki? aadhunik muslim boley kichhu ki achhey?

pokkhey bipokkhey kichhu jukti din plz.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

aadhunik muslim???
amar jana mote to muslim bolte ektai bujai...naki aaita abar songskar kora's quite impossible.aar arek ta kotha ,,Quran holo sob somoyer aadhunik grantha,sorbo sheshta grantha.tai aadhunik or onaadhunik muslim bolte kichhu nei.
je Al Quaraner onusari sei muslim....

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

'gora muslim' jodi thaakey tobey 'aadhunik' thaktey dosh ki? dhormiyo 'goramee' ortho ki? era jodi thakey tobey udaar Islamic desh o thaakbey...etai shabhabik. ebong aachhey o.

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

'dhormandho' shobto ti taholey kotthekey elo, kaader sreeshti!?

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Gora Muslim: Women don't need to be educated. They will take care of home and children and serve their husbands and in-laws.

Adhunik Muslim: Women should have the right to education. They can work as teachers or in any other profession that won't require them to work for long hours (they still need to take care of home and children and serve their husbands and in-laws).

Gora Muslim: Women should cover themselves from head to toe.

Adhunik Muslim: Women should cover themselves from head to toe although it's ok not to cover head and face completely.

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Gora Muslim: Call the enemy Kafer.

Adhunik Muslim: Call the enemy Zionist.

Gora Muslim: Consider songs (except Hamd and Naat) as devil's prayer.

Adhunik Muslim: Songs (except Hamd and Naat) are cool.

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Gora Muslim: Does not want to be photographed as photographs are considered as an insolent attempt to emulate Allah.

Adhunik Muslim: Does not mind being photographed but is opposed to cloning.

Gora Muslim: Does not approve of homosexuality.

Adhunik Muslim: Does not approve of homosexuality.

I hope that helps!

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Gora Muslim: In countries, like, USA, UK, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and a few other Muslim countries, there are Muslim scholars who carryout researches in the realm of religion and enlighten/guide the Muslim society with their prudent and discreet findings and developed knowledge! In our country, most of the people (please, no offense, I am just trying to put up the facts) that we take our basic learning of religion from have a very limited knowledge about the religion because of scarcity of proper resources and finances to educate them! Due to lack of proper knowledge, they would readily say NO to everything unfamiliar, instead of attempting to delve! The people still confined to that can be called Gora!

Rony Salman
(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Modern Muslim: People who have come out of the stern limited knowledge mentioned above and kept track of the ideas and knowledge given by the recent/old Muslim scholars of the world through Internet or active participations in the lectures conducted by those scholars.

(Wednesday, April 16, 2003)

Thank you jeebon/haha/Rony. I appreciate your contribution. So, in the light of your view can we say that there are two types of Islam...1) Fundamental Islam 2) Moderate Islam.
Can we?

(Friday, April 18, 2003)

Islam shantir dhormo...aaita kono rajnoitik slogaan noi.aaita sotti kotha.kintu amader bastob jeebone islam er proyog kothai?amra to beshirvaab khetre e islam ke nijeder sartho hasiler jonna babohar kortechhi.kintu sottikar orthe jodi keu islam er chorcha kore tobe take ghora hobar kono dorkar nei.onnano je kono dhormer cheye islam onek beshi adhunik.kintu afsus amader jonna prerito Quaran ,othocho amra tar khabar o rakhi na.tai aj muslim deshegulir aai obostha...
take it easy
thanks kuashaa for bringing a good item in bb...

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