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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001
From: shybal
i feel sorry for ya for bein' misunderstood by some creeps

i was tryin' to learn somethin' from ur lecture, konkaboti. unfortunately, i couldn't learn nethin'....'caz there were a lot of contradictions in ur lecture but let me thankz u to post that article called "an appeal".

'm really impressed to see ur postin' n read throughly top to bottom n saw(with sorrow mind) there's nothin' but shybal(wheather its good or bad)!!!!!!! though, u felt ashamed of my lovely parents.......n i wouldn't make ne comments towards themmmmm

i thought the issue is very crucial one which all sensitive minds(without me) might 've to face.... this or that way. were my words tooooooo dichotomous or unclear? do ppl feel uncomfort to discuss such issues 'caz of the "fear" of self expousure? or were those fear for gettin' "bumeranged"? r ppl busy with some more precious or worthy ideas??......question to ya alllll

i think u ppl need to go to doctor....u r foolish. thats a sign of "hepatitis" A positive. but i think u should in positive A, B and C. 'caz u r outta in ur mind to give those all of credits to a saytan like, shybal. u ppl might 've save some for ya(ahhahahaaaaaaaa)!!!!!!!!!

many moral philosophers take respects(so called) for persons to be the fundamental moral principle....what i had seen inside of ya. its a special kind of respect I 'm inferrin'.......often called "Kantian respect"(after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant). Kantain respect is captured by this moral principle. never use other ppl merely as a means to ur ends(to ya all). its my observation(as well) that a few particular persons in this site r always makin'(in various names) forceful vulgar remarks, infestin' towards others......ohhh!!!!!! yeah, i woulf afraid to take my name in this point of view 'caz i already made myself clear(on my previous postin' n let those to kiss my feet).

i noticed always that would love to confess my shitty ass n i know there r some cynics n perverts(like me) but the major prob's we r confused. i must admit that the strongest protest against the hype also comes from nice thinkers(not me) but........ symbocally, i would only say(acctually repeat)....."ur freedom to blow ur fist in the air ends where my nose begins"

these words r all meant for those who value their words n who they refuse to vomit words with a callous disregard n 'll be damned if i 'm stickin' around

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