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Sunday, July 22, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
For shybal Only!

You made a bigggg mistake, Shybal. I never said, I understand what some one wants to say with his/her expressions(mukh ha korle-i bujhe feli ki bolte chay!!) i am not that smart or clever. I only believe and listen what some one syas, puts into words.

and for april, she was the one who threw the stone, and having a friend like you made her an unfortunate one!! I made fun with her when she said she is a looser and with her lonelyness because it sounded now she realizes sometimes you really need friends beside you (Well not one like you though, Shybal)! It sounded from her posting that she is measerable for being alone. I said that because she was bragging of being alone and said that she doesn't think one can get a true friend here in net ( i appreciate what heemel/Tushar did for her! That is what a true friend is!). I feel sorry for her for ending up having a friend like you Shybal.and it was not a big group fighting with april. It was a group of people who believes in truth and humanity, humiliy and compassion fighting with april's false philosophy of life, april's false and snobish attitude.

ahh! why am I talking about good and truth, compassion and humility with a dirty soul like you, Shybal??!! When you have no idea what all those words means!! all you learn from your parents is how to be dirty! I feel sorry for them! what a waste!


People Discussion
(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

how dare u r to talk abt this shits!!!!!!!some ppl like ya, konkaboti r still livin' in 700 century(or more back) where ppl used to blame their parents for children #shame#

the western world(ruler) has successfully induced a mass mis-conception of freedom but its toooooo far away from us for u freaks(wonder would it be happen). i'm gonna leave apart april issue in here but would love to talk abt my lovely parents. ohhhhhhh!!!!! nooooo why should i talk abt my parents towards this shitty ppl while they r livin' still under.......u know what i mean but u guys r eagerly invited to get to know my parents(but me) at 408219/8317129/9332240........

u know what, lota apu....u do really 've a "ego" prob. better throw it out from ur...... mind n put some beans on ur head n seee wheather it produce ne result(turn into seedlings) n be aware for next time to post this kinda article next time(u allll).

(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

i wish i would 've more times to reply ur shitty craps but 'm busy to packagin' my staffs(somethin' else to do) to move my ass from here, lota apu. just remind this thin'....."if ya put ur hands in fire...'will burn. so, don't put ur hands inside the easy solution"

(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

Who said,I am alone?If I am alone,I would try to find cyber lover from here or I could try to find friends(?) from chat.Since I am not alone.I don't find anybody from chat.Now ms.Konkaboti ,tell me the truth,who is alone ? me or you?

One more thing(since you understand too much,i shouldn't say those thing).Don't use parents on this type of thing.why are you using parents for shybal?why do you want to hit him by using that weak point.Do you get any cradit by this.Doesn't it show,how stupid mind you have?

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