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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001
From: bd_KonkaBoti
An appeal

The matter with april is really going too far! But let us think for a while why it has started. So that next time we can be careful when we publish anything in Bulletin Board. I promise I will be fair here. Tushar/ Heemel , I agree with your point of view that, we are here to have some nice time, share our experiences and knowledge. I don't think anyone disagreeing with what you are saying but then again, why all of these started??? Let's have a reflection to the whole issue.

It was a great shock for me when I discovered that april mentioned my name in her posting to Shagor. The way she referred Mayaboti''s and KonkaBoti's name that was good enough to drive some one loosing her mind. infact, I never talked to april in that much. I know very little about her, and that was from one of her postings. I did not have a clue that april and shagor had some fight. I was not also aware about the issues they had this indifference. I was of course was aware of one thing that april is a regular chatter of b2k, and thus a special person to me like all other chatters. In that posting other then trying to slapping me to prove herself GREAT april also raised some other points:
1. She doesn't believe that one can have true friend from a chat room.
2. She comes to the chat room just to have some fun
3. She has nothing to learn from a chat room as she is studying in a big university in the USA.

Her posting had a 2 fold reaction to the people who come to b2k chat rooms and who are the regular viewers of the bulletin board. In one hand, many of the chatters found her posting underestimating others. One point she might be forgotten or might not being able to recognize was, many of us, who come to this chat room are also studying in several different great universities around the world, and while she is still a undergrad student many of us have already completed our post grad, or may be we are studying farther or already are in prestigious jobs! She offended our egos! Our inner egos. Which naturally created reactions.

Another point was, she does not believe that one can't find a true friend from chat. It is totally her own point of view, and of course a controversial issue, which I made clear in my earlier posting. Last of all, the way she referred me and Mayaboti, it was as shocking for my friends and well-wishers as it was for me. The way you are now standing beside april Tushar/Heemel, out of many of my friends, just one has expressed his reaction. He didn't really swear on april. He made some true points, which might be hard to accept.

But the whole thing turn out dirty, when Shaybal entered into the scene (you got to give Shybal some credit for these skills! he really knows how to make things dirty!) So it went on. However, in one point, my friend and well wisher, despite being a decent and cool person who expressed his reaction, apologized for loosing his mind and talked openly about the issue. And now, I would like to request you to look at the comment Shaybal made on that apology note!

Tushar/Heemel I do share your view that no one is alone in this world and we are not here to show how great our mentality is. But the point is, the people you are supporting, needs to learn that. I guess if you are true about what you said in your posting, you are supporting the wrong people.

and Shybal, what can I say you but expressing my deep sorrow for your parents that they brought a Dirty and Dumb Human being like you in this world What a waste of a human soul!! You will bring nothing but shame for them. That's a petty!

I have a request to my friends and welwishers, please let the dog bark, and lets come back to our normal life. All a barking dog want is attention, and we are not going to let him get that!



People Discussion
(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

Dear konkaboti,

Though I dont know u that much, you r a damn good writer.
And seems a very good person too.
I agree with u totally.
so ....cheers......:-)


(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

u asked chatter to look up the "apology" part n called ur wisher bein' an decent why the hell did ya "erase" that part where he had cursed at shybal. shame on u, konkaboti!!!!!!!. do ya 've ne damn answer to give me,like some others.why did ya delate his/her message n kept mine???? is it 'caz to let them to kiss my feet????

i know, u won't..'caz u would love to hide his(ovserversoul) stink mouth...n it was ur so called friend/wellwisher made this shitty things to turn over n over, konkaboti.

**** its all known why u guys bein' mad at shybal.....'caz shybal asked u several times to move on n move on..... now i see u guys frustation n tryin' to pull my leg(no wonder)

(Thursday, June 07, 2001)

I have no idea who have deleted what message!!

(Friday, June 08, 2001)

"i promise i 'll be fair here Heemel/Tusher".....does that mean u were unfair/partial in ur whole time???????

(Friday, June 08, 2001)

Konka .... I can tell you one thing. Your words appear to be fair enough. And at the same time I strongly stand at where I was. April is the most decent girl I have seen. Konka .... some of the guys here are not really appreciating you. Do you think that has defined what you are? No dear .... it takes time to know a person. I dont know whether you have seen enough of April. But I said what I said cuz I think I have known April. .... and ppl pls .... I think it has been enough !!

cactus of-morubhumi
(Friday, June 08, 2001)

konka aapu plese sotp it.
april say sorry for
telling 2 name konka and I hope it's over here
and ya every one have there won way to think so it's up to him/her what she/he think about chat.
please forget it.
B,B want some nice topic to shear . any way where is Maya.aapu...

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