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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2003
From: ShadharonManush
what a man needs .....

A leather recliner with an ottoman in the living room, one in which he can sit on all day ..... even take shut eye .....

A home theatre system good enough to have a clear sound at 1000W that can DEFENITELY wake up the neighbors. A plasma tv is also required that is big enough to cover a whole wall. Did I mention the 1000 movies collection?

All the gaming systems eg PS,Gamecube with a whole bunch of games

Speaking of games, a pool table in the house is a must... and for some outdoor activity .. a pool in the back yard with a shade ... after all who wants to get sunburnt ...

The house must be in close proximity to a pizza place, restaurants, 24 hr fast food, 24 hr supermarket and a gas station ......

Speaking of food, a big refrigerator is a must... that way he has to shop just 1ce a month

A microwave oven to cook all the food when the man is not eating out ........ afterall, who has time for cooking with all the entertainment around .....

A pimpmobile ...... yes that's what we all dream about ..... a corvetter is a car, a ferrari is a ride, but a 64 1/2 mustang is the real thing ..... or even a trans am from the 70s......

welcome to the 21st century people ..... our man needs a wireless network all around the home, bunch of IBooks, 4ghz pcs with those flashy cases that u see these days, high speed internet, i pods ..... and the list goes on ...

And as we men like these things even though we dont hang them around all the time...... guns, knives, swords and other "violent" things ... dont deny it guys ...... we all love those stuff ... i wonder just how soon I can get that Katana i saw the other day .........

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