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Saturday, August 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2001
From: heemel
Wake up guys ................

Sorry to interfare guys ..... but I gotta say what I feel I gotta say. April's more than my friend .... and that makes me proud. Who says she's alone? May be you guys don't get her .... cuz she's different in her own way.

But you know what .... she's the most decent person I have ever seen. I haven't been there at your conversation. But I'm sure she's done nothing which could be indecent or damaging. Guys .... about how many friends can you utter these words that confidently?? I can do that abt April .... cuz it's April.

Guys .... get a life. We are here to share some good times. Why making ones life miserable? You should consider that it really matters.

Sure we gonna have some freindly chat next time we get together.

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

stop talking moron and talk sensebly u freaks. heemel/observesoul/tushar/shagor/shybal. dont keep one stupid matter for so long.

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