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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2003
From: shormy

kolponate amar boshot .
kolponate bari..
kolponate bhalobasha..
kolponate ari..
kolponate ganer mela
kolponate sur..
kolponate tomar stahe chole jaoya bohudur..
kolponake sathi kore poth jokhon choli..
tomar kotha bhebe bhebe haari chena goli..
kolponate tomay gori..
kolponate jorai..
kolponate tomay khuje..
kolponate harai......................................
to someone ...

People Discussion
(Wednesday, April 02, 2003)

Kolponaate dekhi...(in fact, B2k'r sob boys wid warm hearts dekhe) oi "someone" ta holam aami...

(Wednesday, April 02, 2003)

Chotdi......oi 'someone' ta k....?

(Wednesday, April 02, 2003)

NetRomeo....Pirit kora atoi shoja amar Chotdi'r shathe....

(Thursday, April 03, 2003)

well netromeo i said its my amio jani na oita ke....//

(Thursday, April 03, 2003)

brother boro der eshob ki bolte hoi na.... >cross

(Thursday, April 03, 2003)

Oh...sorry for u, shormy...because u r confused...don know who's that person..
U know what, I thought u know - at the end of ur writing, the way u said.."to someone" made me think like that....

(Thursday, April 03, 2003)

orthohin aboltabol boko kan api ami jani oi gaan tomaka ka pathicha .net-u
tumer kono chance nay ha ha tay na api

(Thursday, April 03, 2003)

kolpoloker kolpona te bastobota doure palai...

katchi satar vor kuashai tomar kase asbo bole !!!!

ami onek like kori gan ta ..
wel done vagni
onek age ami o emon posting disilam..

(Friday, April 04, 2003)

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