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Thursday, July 19, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Friday, March 28, 2003
From: Sabrina
Continuing the conversation

As outlandish as Tom Clancy can be ... our wishes for a peaceful settlement of the Palestine-Israel conflict in the manner as alluded by u (cluster) will never become horses ... u and I and the rest of the world can name 20/30 different political blunders made by US since its meddling in muddling the international politics since after WWII ... and all the other factors that catalyzed the disintegration of the middle-east crisis including the regional politics, corrupted, totalitarian stateheads and factionalism in the Arab world... interestingly most of their (US) dirty meddling during the 50s, 60s,70s and onwards have all backfired and hence we are where are today ... we can go on and on abt all the hypocrisy, all the double-standards, all the meddling and the chain of events that lead to all the chaos, but amidst all these, the fate of those who are violated remain unchanged, to be ravaged and plundered some more and days go by ... cannot help but get a little philosophical at a time like this ... anyway ... enuff said ... what is significant abt this moment is the momentum that has generated over the years and has culminated into this worldwide protest against what is unfair, immoral and wrong needs to be optimized ... this impetus ... this is people's movement and nothing can be more forceful.

People Discussion
(Friday, March 28, 2003)

ps: Thx for solving the mystery of b2k bug Clust :)

(Friday, March 28, 2003)


(Saturday, March 29, 2003)

You are welcome Sab. And yeah .. MARS brings a good point .. we hardly see u in B2K these days! We all miss the good company of you and Reb. Hope to see u in chat soon.


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