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Friday, July 20, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, June 06, 2001
From: april
I gave up !!!!!

Hmmm !I am a looser.I gave up :( .I can't fight with everyday.The way everybody has started attacking on me.I can't go on. April=shagor+konkaboti+soul+soptonila+cactus+who else??(

Hmm!!big group.To fight with one person,you need big group.That's funny :)

People Discussion
(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

ha ha ha ha!!
Now you realize how lonly you are, april!!

May God Bless you!


Snow :
(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

KonkaBoti, Shybal and ...,

Snow :
(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)


(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

u made a small mistake with that equaiton.....should be like..
April=Big Zero :)

(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

vietnamese could sustain against americans why u know coz they have a right cause .. april u dont ....

(Wednesday, June 06, 2001)

u guys shouldn't laugh in here like a coward. she called herself a looser to see u guys own face in the old mirror..isn't that april?

konka apu, tumi imature-er mato laugh karsho keno n ki kora hesha support diccho(u guys bein' a group to run after someone)!!!!! tomar eii hashita ki proman hoccha na jaaaa,,,,,,, the name april mentioned r in a tiny so called group. tomar theka et ami asha korini, apu.

keui give up korar mana ei noy ja, she/he bein' alone(seta tumi-o jano). neway, ami jeta bujata chacchi......seta hayto tumi buja felsho, lota apu(karon, tumi kuno ekdin bolachila....."mukh haaaaa korlai naki tumi bujta paro ka ki bolta chay"

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