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Bulletins Bulletin : Published and Discussed
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003
From: harun
Ten Tips That Will Help You Manage Your Time

Ten Tips That Will Help You
Manage Your Time
Time Management Prerequisites

.Start with the attitude that all time is valuable.
* Use your time wisely.
* Don't procrastinate.
* If you feel like you don't have enough time, chart your activities over the course of day


* Plan Ahead: Every moment spent in planning saves three or four in execution.
Take a few minutes every morning to review what you are going to accomplish: Take
some time each evening to reflect on what you did and what you need to do tomorrow .

*Write It Down: It helps to create a schedul. scheduling is a way of seeing what
needs to be done on paper befor you do it. Get a daily planner, use a calendar, but make
Sure you write it where you can refer to it often.

* Do The Most Important Things First: Discipline yourself to do
the important things first, even if they are the most difficult. By doing this you will find the
other things less aggravating and/or challenging.

* Delegate and Divide: Delegate as many tasks or details to others as you
can. keep yourself free for important things . This will give you a sense of being in control.

* Don't Procrastinate or Postpone Thing: Don't waste time
dreading a pesky task. If it need to be done, dig in and get it done and out of the way
This will eliminate the problem of procrastination.

*Budget Your Time: Set aside a certain amount of time to do thing, and then
stick to the plan ! For instance, if you decide to spend one houre outlining a chapter in the
text, then spend the entire 60 minutes it ! Don't get distracted.

* Make Habits Work for You: Using good habits will speed up your daily,
routine tasks. Good habites wil provide you with good behaviors . For example,???

* Don't Weste Time With Insingnificant Details: If you do, you will
never find time to tackle the real issues. Get down and dirty ! Get the work done. It is your
time to manage or waste, do use your best judgment.
* Learn to Say No: If you know work needs to be done. do it. Say NO to friends
who try to get you to do something else. If they are your friends, they will respect you for
your diligence.

* Relax: Don't worry about how much time you have, just get it done. If you manage
your time well, you have nothing to worry about! Good time management is a great
stress reducer

People Discussion
(Wednesday, March 26, 2003)

Do you use these tips Harun?

(Wednesday, March 26, 2003)

I bet...he doesn't...
But, I don hesitate to thank u for the good intentions harun bro...may be somebody else will use it...

(Thursday, March 27, 2003)

ya Gemini

(Thursday, March 27, 2003)

ya Gemini

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