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Wednesday, July 18, 2018 BD

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Bulletins Bulletin : Published
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003
From: Sabrina
continuing the conversation ...

Yes, u have summed it up very well in that schematic of urs clust ... let's not forget most of these right wingers are the same ppl who felt african americans shud be segregated and opposed the civil rights movement during the 60s ... anyway ... like I said earlier, provide them with the logistics, train them, give them proper leadership and actively support them, and Palestinians will not have to fight this battle with suicide bombers. These are desperate measures taken by desperate men under the malevolent influence of a handful of selfish, malacious transgressors who are exploiting the fury and frustration of the common people to materialize their own agenda against the western world, butchering our religion, associating Islam with terror and putting the Muslim world under threat and risk, as Vanity pointed out earlier. My hope reverbertes in Vanity's optimism: under the right direction,global support and leadership, human spirit will rise and defeat the ominous force that has for so long dictated and suppressed their lives.

Just to elaborate on ur (cluster) point to show to what extent it goes beyond what we know, u can go the website for "The Project for the New American century" which is driven by cheney, perle, wolfowitz, khlalizad, rumsfeld, jeb bush ... basically everyone except Bush, condoleeza and is an extract from an article by george monbiot on this:

"....If Aaronovitch believes this, he would be well-advised to examine the website of the Project for the New American Century, the pressure group established, among others, by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Lewis Libby, Elliott Abrams and Zalmay Khalilzad, all of whom(except the president's brother) are now senior officials in the US government. Its statement of principles, signed by those men on June 3 1997, asserts that the key challenge for the United States is "to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests"3. This requires "a military that is strong and ready to meet both present and future challenges; a foreign policy that boldly and purposefully promotes American principles abroad; and national leadership that accepts the United States'global responsibilities." This is drawn from the same what is called "Defense policy guidance" drafted by Paul Wolfowitz in 1992,the then-under secretary of defense for policy at Pentagon during the former Bush's administration and now the Deputy Secretary of Defense under the current prez ... the draft seemed too radical and aggressive for the time ... coz old Bush knew better than the his 3rd ranking officer at the Pentagon!!! ... anyway the draft was toned down by dick cheney before it was made public (the original one was actually got leaked out by the New Yorker)and the orginal draft hit the bottom drawer inthe oval office ... it basically advocated a strategy of preemption to deal with Iraq and other potential adversaries and maintain a military strength And it stated that, if necessary, the U.S. should be prepared to act ALONE ... wolfowitz, like many others, was still foaming at the mouth when former Bush ended the gulf war without taking down saddam ... after sept 11, 9 years since the first draft,wolfwitz's ideas seem almost prophetic to the present administration and when the current administration published its own national security strategy in 2002, its reads almost exactly like the original 1992 draft ... with a new,updated cover!! Why do u think the republican party and the rat pack mentioned above gave their full support in nominating dubliyah as their candidate in 2000???

On January 26 1998, these men wrote to President Clinton, urging him "to
enunciate a new strategy", namely "the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime from power."5 If Clinton failed to act, "the safety of American troops in the region, of our friends and allies like Israel and the moderate Arab states, and a significant portion of the world's supply of oil will all be put at hazard." They acknowledged that this doctrine would be opposed, but "American policy cannot continue to be crippled by a misguided insistence on unanimity in the UN Security Council."6

Last year, the Sunday Herald obtained a copy of a confidential report
produced by the Project in September 2000, which suggested that blatting
Saddam was the beginning, not the end of its strategy. "While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."7 The wider strategic aim, it insisted, was"maintaining global US pre-eminence". Another document obtained by the Herald, written by Paul Wolfowitz and Lewis Libby, called upon the United States to "discourage advanced industrial nations from challenging our leadership or even aspiring to a larger regional or global role"8.

On taking power, the Bush administration was careful not to alarm its
allies. The new president spoke only of the need "to project our strength with purpose and with humility"9 and "to find new ways to keep the peace"10.From his first week in office, however, he began to engage not so much in nation-building as in planet-building. " (check for the full article, in case u r interested)

If you have time btw, you shud check out articles on the web by John
Pilger, George Galloway, Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, tariq ali...znet
collates them...

let me suggest to you the following articles....all noam chomsky ofcourse.,11660,888651,00.html,3604,788470,00.html

Vanity, u hit the nail on the head abt the role of mainstream media and the profile of its audience ... I happen to slave myself for one such small organization which is a part of a bigger, imposing system ... on one hand u have a pervereted industry owned by some greedy,self serving lobbyists shaping the moral of the nation, brainwashing the audience, and on the other hand u have a billy bob, for example, in a hick town in Montana, or in Texas for that matter, who is taping the windows of his trailer in case he gets gassed by the iraqis ... sad but true!!! But things will change when more and more young free thinking people will get into the political process and replace the old geezers who are making policies in the congress and those who r voting!!Sorry ... I have been rambling on and on ... got a bit carried away.

ps: I cudn't post under the original bulletin either.

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